Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chomsky Maintains Credibility, Debunks 9/11 & JFK Conspiracy Theories

The 9/11 and JFK Murder conspiracy theories don't conform with Chomsky's understanding of the way things happen; thus they are distractions from his determination of what should be discussed; they challenge his kingdom, much like discussion of Sandy Hook is challenging kingdoms of other truth demagogues, in particular, Mark Glenn, the petulant emperor of TUTland, who protests that discussing the anomalies of Sandy Hook hurts the credibility of other truth advocates... lmao, especially himself and his good buddy Mike Piper, whom the ambitious, ever manipulative, lousy musician/neighborhood lawn care specialist has won over with his tried and true flattery technique (It worked on Piper and Ahmadinejad, not yet on Putin. Please Vladimir, I'm tired of riding my lawn mower. I want to be a truth rock star, please invite me to a press conference. I love you, my family loves you, we're going to name our 20th son after you...).

P.S.1: Truth demagogues vying for leadership of the "truth movement," i.e., Mark Glenn, who proudly states his credentials for such leadership by letting you know here that he has a college degree, has written many books and articles, speaks five languages; who here refers to anyone discussing the anomalies of Sandy Hook as being part of a "cult." Any such truth demagogues that are annoyed with those crazy "Sandy Hookers" causing a distraction, don't feel lonely, take courage and inspiration from Chomsky here, i.e., just talk to adoring sycophants. Chomsky has survived the 9/11 and JFK conspiracy kooks, and he's still making a living as a truth demagogue... albeit in much smaller circles.

P.S.2: Who do you imagine -other than jews and Chomsky cult members- is cheering Chomsky here?

P.S.3: I wonder if Chomsky [considering that he also has a college degree (lmao) and has written many books and articles] could teach the diminutive demagogue of TUTland something about petulance. I wonder how many languages he speaks (lmao). I wonder if Chomsky is so insecure about himself that he publicly slanders and lies about his critics, and uses mafia tactics behind the scenes to shut them up.

P.S.4: Uh oh, I wonder if the petulant emperor of TUTland knows that his good buddy and fellow Press TV interviewee colleague Kevin Barrett may be a member of the Sandy Hook "cult." Does he know, I wonder, of Barrett giving voice to one of the cultists [Professor James Tracy] on his radio show here? Maybe one day the petulant emperor can run to Barrett to help him soften his position on "Sandy Hookers"... and regain some of his lost credibility with free thinking blog activists, outside of TUTland. And maybe Barrett can help the emperor with his petulance problem. And maybe Barret can bring his many "god-fearng" jewish friends to join the ranks of the petulant emperor's sycophants in TUTland. That would make a fearsome force.

P.S.5: Does anyone not from TUTland think that the petulant emperor is being rational in his debate in comments here? I ask the question of anyone not from TUTland because I know that no one from TUTland is allowed to dissent from the petulant emperor's edicts. The petulant emperor is no one that should be throwing around the term "cult."

P.S.6: For a little guy, the petulant Glenn rides a mighty high horse.

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