Monday, November 5, 2012

Why Are Jews Persecuted?

I learned that they killed JFK and that the real holocaust during WWII was of Germany and the German people, and of tens of millions of Russian Christians before that.

The real holocaust of WWII was visited upon the German people because the Germans had the temerity of trying to free themselves from their enslavement to the anti-Christ money changers... which Americans must do now if they ever wish to be free.. and rid themselves of their ever more enslaving usury debt to the merciless, anti-Christ money changers.


brian boru said...

Unless the world deals with this demonic life-form there will never be peace or spiritual progress here on earth. These monsters are responsible for more human suffering and death and cultural and environmental destruction than all people in the world combined. We live in a world of lies, corruption and hatred because of the jew.

RickB said...

Judaism and the jewish culture is anti-Christ (anti-good).