Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Real Holocaust of WWII

The real holocaust of WWII was of Germany and the German people, for having the temerity of attempting free themselves of their enslavement to the anti-Christ money changers.

Listen to a discussion of the real holocaust between Deanna Spingola and the blogger of Justice4Germans here.

The above interview/discussion was found on the Justice4Germans blog under the blog post entitled "Radio Interview: The Allied Genocide ofGermany.

The description for the post describes the interview/discussion as a discussion of "World War II from the German perspective, and the hell which was unleashed upon the German civilian population through a continuous aerial bombardment, which included the use of incendiary bombs. He shared quotes from Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill to identify who the true war monger was. He then discussed in detail the horrific bombings of the northern German cities of Hannover, Hameln (Hamlin) and Hildesheim. This show aired on Wed. Nov. 14th, 2012 on Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN). This file is edited and commercial free."

P.S.1: I make this posting partially in reaction to the new management's statement at the Wake Up From Your Slumber blog. The new management, one "joeblow," states: "This [Wake Up From  Your Slumber] is an anti-Zionist website and hence opposed to Zionist philosphies such as Nazism. I will be going through articles and deleting those extremely pro-Hitler ones.

P.S.2: Never mind that zionism and national socialism are opposites, apparently joeblow isn't prepared to face the truth of what really happened in WWII. He's not prepared to wake up from his slumber (or jewish inculcated spell) of that big jewish fairy tale of the jewish holocaust and those evil nazis.

P.S.3: Joeblow, all it would take is a cursory look and investigation of that fairy tale for it to come tumbling down like a ton of bricks, as fast as the towers on 9/11 came down.

P.S.4: Hey Joeblow, really, you ought to know by now, anything that jews would be pushing with such earnestness is bound to be a lie. Just the fact that they're pushing it with such earnestness says it's a lie. How many jews have you known to speak or stand up for the truth?

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