Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Gordon Duff, Dimitri Khalezov WTC Nuke Hoax

The Gordon Duff, Dimitri Khalezov hoax is esposed here.

For years, various disinformation agents have been attempting to sabotage the 9/11 truth movement with claims that "mini-nukes" or "nuclear devices" were used to demolish the World Trade Center.

If Gordon Duff and Dimitri Khalezov were really so silly as to believe their claims about nuclear "demolition devices" having been installed beneath the Towers in the early Seventies with government approval, based on some "intelligence" that Khalezov had allegedly received - e.g. from an FBI agent, they would be demonstrating such an incredible gullibility, misunderstanding of politics and lack of common sense, etc., that this is not a realistic possibility. It is pretty obvious that the politicians who purported to have been fooled by "intelligence" about Iraq's so-called WMDs were almost all, if not indeed all, lying, yet Iraqi WMDs was nowhere near as crazy an idea as that of pre-installed nuclear "demolition devices" for high-rise buildings. Since the "nukes installed under the WTC in the early Seventies" claim is so preposterous it may be dismissed out of hand by anyone who is not stark, staring bonkers, Khalezov must have lied when he claimed to have become aware of the alleged 150 kTon devices from his "former service under the Soviet Special Control Service."

It [the ugly truth] is also clear that, not only should the 'work' of Duff and Khalezov be shunned by genuine investigators of 9/11, but anyone foolish enough to recommend them is, at best, so lacking in judgment that their opinions on any other matter are rendered worthless, and at worst, a partner in deception and cover up.

P.S. Thank you for this report, takeourworld back. When a guy, i.e., Gordon Duff, openly talks about family and friends in Israel, red flags should go up, anything that guy says should be questioned. I hardly think that Duff's family and friends in Israel are involved in human rights activities for Palestinians. I suspect they are from the same arrogant, privileged, supremacist cloth that Duff is from himself.

When a guy, i.e., Gordon Duff, expresses affinity for the depraved state of Israel, mentions that he has family and friends living there and constantly harps that 'it's not all jews', one has to question where his ultimate loyalty lies, and question what he's saying and why [no matter how appealing it may seem, given his vast security background n'all (I can hardly keep myself from laughing)], and whether it's a good idea to give him an audience.

Sorry, the ugly truth is that virtually all jews, all that identify themselves as 'jewish', are zionists. That means their ultimate loyalty is to themselves, their tribe, their exceptionalism.

Gordon Duff is jewish; he knows he's jewish; he knows whether or not anyone in his circle of friends is jewish. It matters to him... because... he's jewish.

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Anonymous said...

Your "hard evidence" post is a joke. Follow your link and read the last page (page 9) where your "expert" says:

"All nuclear bombs produce copious x-rays, gamma-rays and
fast neutrons, which are fatal at close range with a distinctive
‘burning’ of the victims. This applies to fusion as well as fission

Dimitri VERY clearly explained the difference between atmospheric and underground detonations ... these are characteristics of atmospheric detonations, not underground. There are many more deficient and false claims by your expert.