Monday, April 11, 2011

American Goyim: Simply the Best.

America is already over the cliff for its jewish masters and it's stepping on the gas. No, not the breaks. That would be... ANTI-SEMITISM!!!!

American goyim are simply the best, ever. They're the dumbest, the most willing... They don't even want to hear that they're slaves to jewish exceptionalism. They'd rather die than be called an ANTI-SEMITE.

Carry that water. Cut that wood. Be the best water carrier. Be the best wood cutter. Don't be an anti-Semite.


Anonymous said...

1488 brethren

i wonder though, on the sidebar

why you have quotes from a christian source? Don't you know that christianity is perhaps one of israel's finest weapons against the goyim of both amerika and the entire non-jew world as a whole?

RickB said...

1488 brethren:

1. I am a Christian.

2. Judaism is anti-Christ, which in secular terms is anti-good. The jews had a hard time with Christ in the beginning. They still have a hard time with Him, what He stands for, today. I know this from direct experience. Christ, i.e., good, and judaism are polar opposites.