Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Unmentionables Steal Election From Deplorables

From John Kaminski's latest article: 

The 2020 election was about blacks vs. whites. On an astonishingly slanted playing field, blacks cheated and stole the election from whites. Pending now is whether the courts are tilted in favor of blacks or not, since the media and government are now so heavily slanted against whites.
The powers that be [the unmentionables that rule over us] seek to repopulate America with people of color [their tool if choice for eliminating deplorables]. When blacks get the upper hand, they will slaughter whites enthusiastically, just as they have done in South Africa, to the applause of America’s liberal media. 

Kommie Kamala and Barry Sortero are eager to bring that program to the United States. This is whites’ reward for helping to emancipate blacks. It was a terrible mistake that played into the hands of Jews’ intent to control everyone in the world in a state of semi-conscious impotence and deliberately inculcated ignorance.

One hundred million murdered Russians wanted you to know that Communism is a Jewish operation aimed at the destruction of all nations, the elimination of all religions and the extermination of white people.

The great psychological mirage that has destroyed Western Civilization is mistaking the Jew for an actual human being. Simply investigate their so-called holy books and learn Jews regard non Jews as cattle. This is what their rabbis preach.

Read Kaminski's full article here.

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