Sunday, December 15, 2019

Americans, Your Jewish President

Happy Hanukkah. By decree of your first jewish president [here] Americans can not criticize Israel. 

P.S. The ceremony abridging Americans' first amendment right can be seen here.

P.S.2:  Now dumbed down Americans, do you think Trump will protect Americans' second amendment? Really? Ya think the jews will allow that? Ya think "anti-Semites" will be allowed to have guns?

P.S.3:  And what's the point of having the second amendment if you can't have the first?

P.S.4:  Once Trump is acquitted, the worst is yet to come, because he'll be impeachment-proof, and the executions will begin, just the way it happened in Russia a century ago, and France two centuries ago. This is what Jews do, and have since the dawn of time. [From John Kaminski's latest here.]

The above two videos should scare Americans. The executions will be coming via Trump [or the democrats after him if he is removed].

First they'll disarm and round up the "anti-Semites." Trump will do that. He is making America great for jews.

And that won't phase Trumpsters. Because who's an "anti-Semite"?

Then they'll go after "white supremacists." That might begin to phase some Trumpsters... but not too many, because afterall Trumpsters are stupid... and who's a "white supremacist"?

When they go after "white supremacists," they'll be disarming everyone. But dayem, if Trump is doing it, most Trumpsters won't realize it, because afterall  Trumpsters are stupid... and who's a "white supremacist"?

Of course the round ups will be preceded with psy-op mass shooting events to condition the dumbed down Americans to accept them... and because who's an "anti-Semite" and who's a "white supremacist"?

P.S. 5: An inside perspective from two Christians saved from judaism on what it means to grant jews nationality status can be heard here.

P.S. 6: Hear from the Reverend Ted Pike about the frightening ramifications in Trump's "anti-Semitic" executive order decree here.

P.S. 7: IT'S HAPPENING! Acts of anti-Semitism are on the rise in New York and elsewhere.

The genuine acts of "anti-Semitism" [other than the false flags] are push backs because of the way jews are abusing their neighbors.

Look for more such acts being reported, including false flags, to create the pretext for Trump to protect his favored class. Look for Trump to pass a law to disarm haters. Anyone that hates shouldn't have firearms. Better be nice to your jewish neighbors... and your Afro-American neighbors, and your new Mexican neighbors, and your new H1B Indian/Pakistani neighbors.... oh and don't say anything negative about jews to your friends either. Don't say anything about jews!

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