Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Small Village of America's Heartland Remembers the USS Liberty

A small village in America's heartland, Hopedale, Illinois, on Memorial Day 2017 dedicated a new veterans memorial on the grounds of the village's medical complex.

Thanks to a young 78-year-old livestock farmer, Dave Snider, from a neighboring village, the village of Hopedale, whose population consists of 850 souls according to a street sign, besides honoring local veterans, will also be honoring and remembering the veterans of the USS Liberty.

From his own pocket, Mr. Snider purchased two bricks to be installed in the memorial's walkway with the inscription “Remember the USS Liberty.”

Snider cites hearing the original reports on Israel's attack on the USS Liberty on June 8th, 1967, which he called “a whitewash,” and his recent reading of the book “Ship Without a Country” as motivating factors in his desire to honor the veterans of the USS Liberty.

Because of the patriotism of Mr. Snider, “Remember the USS Liberty” will be forever screaming from a veterans memorial walkway, from a village in the heartland of America.


Flanders said...

There was a good turnout there, too, Rick. It's good to see that many Americans do still care enough to be patriotic toward our people, but it's a shame that so many regular American people have remained indoctrinated and still are supporting wars which are waged strictly for the benefits to Israel and for the riches of the internal "US" jews, the so-called "dual citizens" who manipulate those wars and our people for more money and for Jewry's own purposes.

This old, once-jewed, "US" Marine respects those people who still are showing their patriotism for our country and for our military people, but I can't wait for them to awaken to the jew manipulations which have murdered so many of our good White Americans in wars which were against American interests.

I long ago left the "US Marines" after having "served" my tours in Viet Nam, but I am now a much better Marine, and a more prestigious and awakened one. I'm now an American Marine, as a civilian, and it's a much better title. I woke up to the internal enemies who are operating openly everyday, in so many different ways, within our shores. Our people need to love our country and our people, but they need to awaken to the deviancy and to the long ongoing jewish communism being fast established in OUR COUNTRY which is being advanced and caused by various networks of outwardly "innocent" jewry. It's American civilians who together can stop their own infection by becoming aware about the methods and intent of those subversives.

Thanks to Dan Snider and to the good people in the Hopedell area.

Flanders said...

I had left comments about a week ago that haven't shown up yet, RickB. They both had links, I think, so they may have wound up in your spam catcher.

Your Captcha alone is like an obstacle course!

RickB said...

Thank you, Flanders for leaving your comment, and your efforts to do so. I published it as soon as I became aware of it.

Remember the USS Liberty!