Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Video: Support James Tracy Legal Defense Fund

Dr. James Tracy was a highly regarded professor of media studies who's job it was to critically analyze the media reporting of significant events. For unknown reasons, personally sharing honest analysis of the Sandy Hook event triggered a media attack on Dr. Tracy. The media began to pressure the university in which he was a tenured professor and labeled him the 'Conspiracy Professor.'

Shockingly, Professor Tracy was fired from Florida Atlantic University on January, 6th of this year. If left unchallenged, these unjust actions are surely not the last to expect for America.

P.S.1: If you think what is occurring with Dr. Tracy is OK or him getting his just dessert, you must be on drugs. Thank goodness, among internet truth seekers only a handful of truth hucksters and their sycophantic followers could think that.

P.S.2: Here, truth huskster extraordinaire Mark Glenn magnanimously describes anybody having a different opinion on events than his greatness.

He calls them "REALLY smart people whose only qualification for rendering commentary on political events is the fact that they somehow scrounged up a working computer and have an internet connection."

Apparently the truth gig is going so well for the lil huskster, that he's risen in stature far above ordinary people fighting to make ends meet month to month.

The lil guy --who's never had the where-with-all to ever have worked a professional nine-to-five... let alone any real job-- has moved on from being a failed musician to a neighborhood lawn care specialist to internet truth huskster extraordinaire. Maybe the lil guy can park the lawnmower after all.

One can understand his inflated ego and disparagement for ordinary working people... when he's not making a pitch for their donations. The lil guy's risen to amazing heights since the days, just a few years back, when he was begging for funds to buy a laptop for one of his A-team players... one Keith Johnson. [Keith's money quote comes at 12:35. What does being jewish mean to Keith?]

However inflated Glenn's ego becomes, he'll always be a lil guy. Because only a lil guy would make telling the truth about himself and his brilliance... regardless how entertaining it is to observe him striving so hard to be so brilliant.

P.S.3: I guess dopey Glenn would celebrate Dr. Tracy losing his job over questioning what happened at Sandy Hook. Here dopey calls for "running out of business"  anyone questioning Sandy Hook for "bringing ridicule and disrepute" on legitimate truthers... lmao, inferring himself among them... as if dopey doesn't bring ridicule on himself all by himself over Sandy Hook. And everybody should know by now that anyone that Glenn has differences with, he'll slander as "unstable."

In dopey's response to someone questioning his harsh, autocratic lead, dopey claims that he did his research on Sandy Hook, even talking to affected parents. DOES ANYONE BELIEVE THIS? Why didn't dopey ever interview any of them on the air? Did dopey Glenn talk to Gene Rosen, I wonder.

P.S.4: Irony of ironies... shortly after his scrounging up a working computer remark, the lil truth huskster went begging [here] before his faithful for funds for a working computer for himself. 

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