Wednesday, September 4, 2013

On this, I agree with Glenn Beck. Warning: Video is graphic.

There is no bottom to the depravity that will be asked of us by our jewish/zionist masters. If we haven't already reached the point of no return, and I believe we already have with our invasion of Iraq, our bombing, just bombing, Syria will be that point.

Jews/zionists of both parties, left and right, Democrat and Republican, desire the same thing: jewish hegemony. The only difference is the method. The liberal jews/zionists want jewish hegemony via "low intensity," under-the-radar, indirect warfare; the conservative jews/zionists want it achieved directly.

Regarding taking down Syria, the debate is which method is better, not whether or not to do it. The Republicans are afraid that the Democrats can't handle, ... that they'll mess up, this phase of Operation Clean Break.

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