Friday, August 2, 2013

American Rite of Passage, Beautiful Cannon Fodder

Johnny's family and friends hold a going away party for Johnny. Dress code for the party is Army fatigues. Johnny is seventeen and just graduated from high school and will be going off to boot camp and then to Afghanistan. American rite of passage, beautiful cannon fodder.

Johnny says in boot camp he's going to learn how to jump out of air planes. At his party he learned how to down shots and pour a glass of beer with a proper header. American rite of passage, beautiful cannon fodder.

Johnny's car that he built with his father will be placed in storage for him until he returns. Johnny is the absolute best of Midwest, middle-class (disappearing) America. Johnny is a beautiful kid. I know, I photographed his party. Be safe, I told him. Beautiful cannon fodder.

What kind of man will the Army make of Johnny? What kind of man will he become in Afghanistan?



Will Johnny become like Pat Tillman who learned what was really going on and was going to tell it? Or will he become like Frank Wuterich of Haditha infamy?

Or will Johnny become a member of the growing number military suicides? (Or will he be suicided?) This is what is happening to the best of Americans (those that can't keep up with the killing) that join the military to become part of America's “war on terror”.

Be careful, Johnny. Truth is a delicate matter these days. Telling may get you labeled a terrorist... or it may get you dead. If you learn the truth, that our soldiers aren't fighting for America's freedoms but fighting to enslave others to the same masters that they are enslaved to, be careful with that truth. Be careful who you tell.

Oh Johnny, beautiful Johnny. When you return to your car, to your family and friends, what kind of man will you be?

Be careful, Johnny. Be safe. Beautiful cannon fodder.


rubbell said...

My Gregg refused the draft and came up to Canada, 1971. He knew the truth as well as anyone but the poverty (non-legal person), loneliness, and finally the 40 degree cold killed him cock stiff dead. I like to think ,to the death defiance is the message he leaves the war mongers. By the way, he haled from just outside Detroit.

RickB said...

I salute your Gregg, rubbell.

I counseled my two daughters to stay out of the military. I told them I'd be much prouder of them, if they'd stay out and make it on their own, without free room and board, free medical, free roof over their heads, etc.

I wasn't so much afraid that they may be killed, but that they'd become dehumanized and emotionally damaged beyond repair.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I am just grateful that there has never been a member of my family who has served... going back at least 400 years. But then, I am not in the U.S.

Beautiful cannon fodder indeed.

Military men are dumb pawns to be used up towards a political goal according to the elite.

Too bad no one told Johnny that!

RickB said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Noor.

Since I was the photographer, the only thing I could tell him before I left was: Be safe.