Saturday, May 26, 2012

Control Yourself. Don't say jew.

You're not supposed to say jew. The nazis did that. You don't want to be considered a nazi, do you?

You're supposed to say jewish person, jewish man, jewish woman or jewish people.... or a person or persons of jewish extract. 

You're supposed to mollify the fact that they're jews: myopic, supremacist, paranoid, weaselly, and-any-other-adjective-meaning-despicable bigots.

Don't lose control like this person did here.


30.06 said...

And don't ever ever ever ever ever say FILTHY STINKING KIKES !!!!

RickB said...

Thanks for stopping by, 30.06.

I'll explore the meaning of that term.

brian boru said...

When the jews were swarming into the US in the late 19th century with all of the immigrants from Europe many were illiterate. Immigration officials nevertheless would require the immigrant to make his mark. Europeans would make a cross if they were illiterate. The jews refused to make a cross because they claimed it was offensive to them. Instead they demanded that they be allowed to make a circle instead. In Yiddish a circle is called a kikel, so in time they were called kikes. They even used the term among themselves. The arrogance of these vermin is breathtaking. They demanded special treatment from the people whose country they were invading right from the beginning and were given it rather than being tossed into the sea, as they should have been. Within days of arrival most of them were engaged in criminal or shady practices, such as usury, and by the 1930s the controlled the place.