Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Heretics' Hour: Spotlight on Duff's Disinfo

Carolyn does some of her best Gordon Duff deconstruction with the help of Kevin Barrett’s radio program interviewing journalist Jeffrey Blankfort, who has a good reputation for quality work. Blankfort has said that Duff “is definitely some kind of liar, either accidental or intentional.” Duff is the flamboyant, mistake-prone “senior editor” at Veterans Today—one of those you-love-him or you-hate-him kind of people. This program features 7 audio clips from Barrett’s separate interviews with Blankfort and Duff.

Give a listen here.

P.S. Duff is a good guest for Barret. Barret likes to kiss jewish asses and shoot the breeze with them about endless, mind-numbing minutiae. He loves any opportunity to prove that he's not an anti-Semite.

P.P.S. Barret could serve right along with any jewish efforts to identify and eradicate anti-semitism. Barret sees just as many anti-semites as the most paranoid inculcated jews do [they're everywhere you look]. Barret might even see more.


Anonymous said...

Rick, you're so right about Barrett's obsequious interaction with his jewishzio guests. ALL are rabid zionists, though Barrett nauseatingly characterizes some as "lite", as if a lite racist supremacist is something more commendable.

Barrett claims not to censure comments, but he pointedly refused to accept the comment below which I left following his 6 July show with "author" James Kunstler on his American Freedom radio slot:

"...When you asked him, is there some reason JK had to be evasive about his religious affiliation? For your info, this is from Wikipedia:
"Kunstler was born in New York City to Jewish parents .... " Also,
"Kunstler has faced strong criticism for his pro-Israeli stance in the debate over the Israeli–Palestinian conflict."
Hardly surprising, then, this guest's stance on 911, barely disguised hatred for Muslims/Islam, and blasé attitude to the carnage and destruction perpetrated by USA in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.
I managed to hear this one through though, unpalatable though it was, but your dialogue with Ira Chernus some while back proved impossible to stomach beyond 10mins..."

Actually, I found listening to this Kunstler creep utterly sickening, but I stayed to the end once I heard him flub about disclosing being a jew.


RickB said...
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RickB said...


I don't listen to jewish sycophant Barret often. But I have a good sampling of his very disproportionate jewish ass kissing here:

For a really nauseating experience, listen to Barret forget all about the plight of the Palestinians and smoke "reality tunnel" with fellow Professor Rushkoff.

And for a really good laugh, listen to Barret interview Naturei Karta nutjob Rabbi Weis, who must be the numero uno God fearing jew of those majority of "God fearing jews" that sycophant Barret so often refers to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick, Thanks for the extra info. Be great if you could do another interview with the uglytruth :) Regards, Sally

RickB said...

You're welcome, Sally. And thanks for your sentiments.