Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If it's a Zionist Plot, Hijack the Zionist Plot.

But then again, if it’s a nice zionist plot... hmmm let me contemplate that one....

Nice Zionism Now!

1) Back to the ‘67 borders... well as close to them that’s reasonable.

2) Get out of the West Bank... well as much as is reasonable.

3) Let them have a Palestinian state now!... or maybe two states: Gaza and Trans Jordan. [But then again maybe Gaza, North Trans Jordan and South Trans Jordan. But then again maybe Gaza, North Trans Jorndan, South Trans Jordan, East Trans Jordan and West Trans Jordan. We'll make as many states as is necessary to make things better.]

The above message --not the video-- is approved by all jewish altruist zionists and their traveling jewish sycophant companions. All altruist jewish zionists and their traveling jewish sycophants recommend that you stop all that protesting now. It's just a mean zionist plot. You'll just get hurt and you're making it more difficult to campaign for a two-state solution. Jewish sycophants want to emphasize that you're just playing into the hands of the mean zionists, who don't even consider you human, let alone virtually equal to jews as jewish altruist zionists do. Stop that protesting. You're making those mean zionists foam at the mouth about their Eretz Israel with all this protesting. So stop it now.

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