Saturday, December 25, 2010

Anti-Semitic Musing 006: Remembering Operation Cast Lead

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RickB said...

Thank you, George sending me the following comment: The below link gives the very necessary picture of bringing into view the decimation, debasing and enslaving of one species of human by another (if they are human at all). We can no longer play ignorant to this reality, as the American Founders themselves were well aware, and so wanted to warn their progeny, as they did here – which you will be amazed:

In addition to these lowest of low cowards, vile creatures and bullies that should not be occupying any place, except hell, please make sure you see the picture of the little Iraqi girl who was raped and killed, along with her family, by a US soldier, and the connection to the conditioning that has come down through time by the psychopathic lie master of the "6 million," Ilya Ehrenberg, as you will see above the picture of the little girl.

We must now become aware, that We, Humanity, have a collective plight on the Planet.