Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Israel's Role in 9/11, Part 3

I was hearing so much truth, I thought that Jesus must have returned, so I turned on my TV to see the news.

No. The world is still in the hands of the jews; it is still upside down, inside out. There's still all lies on TV.

The world owes Mark Glenn and Nashid Abdul Khaaliq a debt of gratitude. I can't imagine them topping this.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent info, thanks for this post.

Watch: September Clues to see the Media's major role in the 911 fable.

The makers of this expose do not point the finger at international Jewry per say; But if you (the viewer) can fill in the dots you will see exactly who the "terrorism" was orchestrated by the Jewish media.

www dot septemberclues dot net