Friday, August 6, 2010

All Aboard the Mavi Marmara

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Anonymous said...

You try sail your 'love-n-peace flotillas' across U.S. borders- to presumably deliver supplies to Native American Indians....and see what happens.

You try sail your 'love-n-peace flotillas' across Chinese borders- to presumably deliver supplies to Chinese Uighur Muslims....and see what happens.

So too, you try this nonsense attempting to violate Israels borders- you're lucky the whole ship was not sunk.

You have no right.
There is no Palestine state (yet).
Sweden and the Vatican recognise Palestine as a state, but, be practicle, SWEDEN and the Vatican aren't exactly able to enforce borders, let alone control the problems they have in their own borders.

Personally, i don't believe there'll ever be a Palestine, because evidence points to just another political criminal racket- prime evidence from founder Arafat.
THEE FOUNDER of the PLO, he himself stole $2Billion, which his wife was busted in possession of.

Hamas, and Fatah both decline to open their accounts disbursements to reconciliation with aid benefits monies received.

You know why, don't be daft.
IT'S PRETTY OBVIOUS, all about the cash, cash back, kick back, schemes, scam, etc.

Sad, but true. and these 'palestinians' are essentially like the Roma of EU.
They've been conditioned to live this way of 'life'.
Why else would a normal productive logical person choose to live under rule of thugs, liars and thieves?

I've met a few 'PALESTINIANS' who left coz they said, it's enough.
After 7 years they bought nice homes, own business and live peaceful lives.