Monday, December 14, 2009

Palestine Will Determine the World's Fate: Ahmadinejad

TEHRAN, Dec. 13 (MNA) -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the Palestine issue will determine the fate of the entire world.

At a meeting with Hamas Political Bureau chief Khaled Meshaal in Tehran on Sunday, Ahmadinejad said it is essential that all Muslim and free nations support the Palestinian resistance and Iran will always stand beside the resistance and the oppressed people of Palestine.

He went on to say that Palestine is the frontline of the global resistance against the global arrogance and international hegemony.

He called faith in God and resistance the keys to overcome the international hegemonic system, adding that the Zionist regime’s acts of savagery and the U.S. deceptions will not be able to save this system.

The defeat in the wars against Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, the United States’ inability to restore its reputation after U.S. President Barack Obama came to power, and the failures in Iraq and Afghanistan are some of the defeats that the arrogant powers, the U.S. and Israel in particular, have suffered in recent years, the Iranian president said.

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P.S. What you do to the least of my brethren you do unto me: Jesus Christ.

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