Monday, August 24, 2009

Ruth's Warning

Mass immigration, legal as well as illegal, is now swamping America and turning it into a multicultural zoo. This is serving the interests of organized Jewry. You and your white Anglo-Saxon culture is being systematically undermined and destroyed. By us. The Jews.

Traditional values, especially Christian culture and mores, have been swept away and subverted — thanks to fifty years of cultural revolution set in motion by a cabal of Jews who fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s and settled in the United States.

This group, as many of you will know, is commonly known as the Frankfurt School.

Taking their inspiration from Nietzsche, Darwin, Marx and Freud, these Jewish revolutionaries preached a doctrine of despair and nihilism and attempted to persuade the goyim that solace and salvation lay henceforth in a hedonistic creed of perverted sexuality.

It was Freud who said: “Sexual morality is contemptible. I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life.”

This included homosexuality, compulsive round-the-clock masturbation, incest, bestiality, and any other sexual aberration that the easily duped goyim could be persuaded to adopt.

As he stood on the deck of the ship bringing him to America, the country he planned to corrupt, Freud turned to a Jewish colleague and joked: “If only the Americans knew we were bringing them the plague!”

These are the dark forces to which you, the goyim, are now being subjected by organized Jewry. Can you resist these forces? By all means, try!

Ruth's warning was posted as a comment to Mark Glenn's latest effort to warn Americans with his most recent article here.

P.S. I have no problem with a mulitcultural society, in fact it enriches us, and I believe we as humans are all brothers and sisters... but we must have defined borders.

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Anonymous said...

Frankfurt on the Hudson

How the fathers of Critical Theory found their way to America

It would be hard to overstate the importance of the Frankfurt School in recent American thought. Philosophers, psychologists, and sociologists like Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm, and Max Horkheimer—to name just the best-known members of the group—helped to develop a subtle and powerful way of thinking about the problems of modern society. Critical Theory, as it is usually capitalized, adapted the revolutionary impulse of Marxism to 20th century conditions, in which mass culture and totalitarianism seemed to shut off any real possibility of social transformation. Especially appealing to academics is the way Critical Theory makes the analysis of culture feel like a revolutionary act in and of itself. Reading Adorno on modern music, or Benjamin on literature, it is momentarily possible to believe that criticism is a weapon of liberation, rather than simply a hermetic exercise for intellectuals...

The Jewish dimension to this story is only occasionally Wheatland’s explicit subject, but it is absolutely central nonetheless. After all, the reason the Institute had to leave Frankfurt in the first place was that, in addition to being radicals and Marxists, the members of the group were almost all Jewish. The Institut für Sozialforschung was created by Herman Weil, a German Jew who had made a fortune importing grain from Argentina, and his son Felix, who like many young men was radicalized after Germany’s defeat in World War I. In 1923, still in the early days of the Weimar Republic, the Weils created the Institute as an independent think tank with a lavish endowment. Their plan was to bring together scholars from different fields, who would work together to develop comprehensive new theories about how modern society functioned and how it might be transformed....
etc etc