Thursday, October 23, 2008

Will American Christians Wake Up, In Time?

Will the Christians of America and the West ever come to realize the obvious, that the war between them and the Islamic world is an artificial entity created for the purpose of Israel benefiting from their mutual destruction? The sad answer is that most likely they will, but not before the damage is terminal, irreversible and complete, if indeed it is not already. Like the natural-born bank robbers of the Old Testament who stole all the gold and silver of Egypt before fleeing to the ‘Promised land’, today’s Zionist bandits have done the same with the Christian West–not only in terms of economics, but as well politically, culturally, morally and every other way possible. Indeed, one day the Christian world will look upon all their ruination and despoilment and realize that it was Jewish interests that gobbled them and their civilization up like the locusts of Moses’ day, and with unbearable shame realize that none of it would have taken place but for the willful stupidity of the victims themselves.

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