Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kabbalah Queen Madonna Seduces All Star A-Rod

MIAMI - Alex Rodriguez's heartbroken wife Cynthia believes her hubby has been "brainwashed" by kabbalah-pushing pop icon Madonna and lured away from his family, an A-Rod confidant said yesterday.

"Alex, God bless him, is lost," A-Rod's ex-pal lamented. "I think he got pulled in by the dark side, if you can say that nicely. He's totally brainwashed."

"She believes it's what ruined her marriage," Romero added.

A-Rod's first encounters with the Material Mom came through their common friend, Miami nightclub owner Ingrid Casares, Romero said.

Once Madonna and A-Rod started working out together in New York in November 2007, he was under the complete spell of kabbalah's most famous practitioner, the slugger's confidant said.

"He's more infatuated with the fact he's with an icon instead of realizing what's important, which is family and truth," said Romero, 46.

"Alex [is acting like] he wants a divorce."

Sources said Alex arrived in Miami just in time for the birth of Ella on April 21.

He spent as little as 10 minutes with mother and child, then bolted back to New York and straight to Madonna's Central Park West pad, where he has allegedly spent a number of late nights.

Since then, A-Rod has seen his little daughter only a couple of times, said Romero.

He said A-Rod is going through a kabbalah practice called "cleaning out your vessel," which means getting out the old and taking in the new.

"To me that's a way of saying leave your family and move on," Romero said.

After hooking up with Madonna, A-Rod was soon frequenting Manhattan's Kabbalah Centre - where he's been spotted recently - in an all-white uniform, the sect's symbol of purity.

The temple on East 48th Street near Lexington Avenue is the same center that Madonna and her family visited yesterday.

And even when A-Rod wasn't with Madonna, she was there in spirit, according to Romero.

"He'd be in the gym and if a Madonna video would come on, he'd go into a trance," Romero said.

And when A-Rod is driving in his car, he'll only listen to Madonna music, the trainer said.

The third baseman's flirtation with Madonna and her faith led her to introduce him to fellow kabbalah practitioner Guy Oseary - manager of Madonna and other music stars - at a Los Angeles kabbalah center.

As A-Rod got deeper into his newfound faith, he spent more time socializing with Madonna and Oseary - all while growing apart from pregnant Cynthia, who was carrying their second child, sources said.

The buff Bomber was photographed wearing his wedding ring as recently as a few months ago, but was not wearing it last week.

As news of A-Rod's and Madonna's rendezvous broke last week, Cynthia left Miami with Romero and his family for Paris to be by the side of a family friend, rock star Lenny Kravitz. She was photographed strolling the streets there sans wedding band.

Cynthia has blamed Madonna for getting her husband hooked on the study of the ancient Jewish Zohar scripts, which followers claim have all the answers to the universe.

Kabbalah's 3 million worldwide followers believe that none of people's bad traits are a result of their parents.

C-Rod's suspicions about her hubby and Madonna coincided with published reports that the singer had hired one of London's most famous family-law attorneys, forecasting a pending divorce from British filmmaker and husband No. 3 Guy Ritchie.

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P.S. I recently talked to a woman from Wisconsin online who attributed her husband’s suicide to a Jewish woman who seduced him out of his relationship with her. She said her family was strange and always treated her with contempt. I told her that she had a brush with evil, referring to the mistress and her family. Am I wrong? Thank you for such a public seduction, Madonna. Now na├»ve gentiles, keep an eye on A-Rod for eye opening lessons.

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