Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Zionist Baby Killers!

Find more videos like this on Palestinian Mothers

Recall this scene the next time you're viewing a Hollywood holocaust movie.


TUT Editor said...

Thank you for posting this RB. As terrible as it is to watch, I actually need to be reminded how lucky I am not to be one of those guys holding one of their dead children...yet.


Timmy Q. said...

Piece of shit murdering Zionist Jew scum. In revelations it tells of a time of persecution for the Jews like never there was before during the tribulation. One day the world will lash out at these orchestrators of chaos in this world and then the Zionists will get what they have coming. It will all be revealed. The organ stealing, Gaza,the worlds largest concentration camp, Rothschild control over the Federal Reserve and other huge banks, destruction of free speech through hate laws.
And the list goes on. It's coming. Just hold on to your seat.