Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ron Paul and the Tricks of the Ruling Elite

Ron Paul, like Alan Greenspan, was heavily influenced by the Russian Jewess "Ayn Rand". "Rand" was born Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1905. I became acquainted with Rosenbaum's subversive activities while battling against one of the most ardent modern proponents of her philosophies, a radical Zionist Jew who many years ago proposed the nuclear annihilation of Iran, and who defended Einstein's reputation with falsehoods and smears.

"Ayn Rand" came to America from Russia presenting herself as if a radical anti-Communist. Hers was the typical modus operandi of Bolshevik operatives working for an official Soviet organization known as "The Trust". These agents, many of them crypto-Jews, came to the West in search of anti-Communists and infiltrated anti-Communist organizations and Western intelligence agencies. Their objective was to forward the interests of Communism by creating a controlled opposition to Communism which would serve the interests of the Communists while pretending to fight them. They also subverted all authentic anti-Communist movements.

Rand promoted negative stereotypes of women, attacked homosexuals, advocated laissez faire Capitalism, and taught selfishness and disregard for humanity. She opposed charity and objected to any governmental assistance for those without means. She wanted to place America on the ruinous Gold Standard.

Rosenbaum's "good advice" to the blacks only held them back by preventing them from using the political process to forward their interests. Her good advice to the Goyim only held the Gentiles back, by making them selfish and irresponsible, and also by preventing them from using their government to better themselves and their neighbors. She taught the Gentiles to hate the poor, undermine the middle class and concentrate wealth in the hands of the wealthiest Jews, all in the name of "fighting Communism". Her "good advice" pitted Goys against one another at the time when they should have been helping one another to become successful. She taught Gentiles to shun any efforts to cooperate in their communities and improve the lot of one another.

While Jews famously provided communal support and charitable assistance for their own, Rosenbaum helped to create the destructive "me generation" attitudes in Americans, which undermined the good nature of Christianity, weakened communities and inhibited the advancement of the poor and middle class. Her beliefs also fostered the drug culture, pornography and the destruction of public education. While Jews promoted strong community ties, Rosenbaum taught the Goyim to be selfish and "independent", meaning without any sense of social responsibility or communal cohesion.

While Jews wisely took from the public schools all they could, Frederick T. Gates, an agent of World Jewry, used Rockefeller/Rothschild money to finance institutions of higher learning which benefitted Jews, while promoting the idea that Gentile students should be readied for factory work and work as field hands and farmers. While World Jewry took the monies they stole from Gentiles and distributed them charitably to their own, Rosenbaum taught Gentiles to abandon all social responsibility, obsessively focus on themselves, and destroy all government institutions which better the lot of the American middle class and poor.

Alisa Rosenbaum's "anti-Communist" philosophies weakened Americans opening the door for Communism. I suspect she was an agent of "The Trust".

Enter Ron Paul, the "Libertarian" who wants to erode all the powers of the Federal Government which protect us from the Rothschild model of laissez faire Capitalism, in the name of "freedom". Ron Paul equates personal freedom with "economic freedom", meaning the "freedom" of the Jewish Capitalists to steal our wealth with their monopolies, pollute our environment with their greed, fill our streets with drug dealers, and rob the nation of all our gold and other wealth in the name of creating "sound money".

He would increase the advantages of the wealthy by taking away all public benefits to our citizens which would provide each American with the opportunity to have an education, obtain medical care, drink clean water and breathe clean air. Do not be duped by these agents of World Jewry who are trying to teach you to destroy yourself and your nation in the name of "freedom". We need to do whatever it takes to provide education to our citizens, protect our environment, and tend to the needs of those who need our help, including using our government as a means to secure and promote these vital interests without which personal freedom cannot exist and ceases to have real meaning.

We need to take back our wealth from the Jewish bankers who have exploited Capitalism as a means to syphon off the wealth of Gentiles and leave them poor and uneducated. We need to take the press and educational system out of the hands of World Jewry and create public schools which teach real history and honest social responsibility. Ron Paul's Ayn Rand selfishness will wipe away all Christian values of charity, community and family. It leads impoverished fools to blame the poor for their poverty and celebrate the "right" of rich Jews to own the media, run the government and suck off the wealth, labor and health of the general American public—the supposed "right" of rich Jews to educate their youth while the young of the Gentiles make heroes of thugs and celebrate ignorance and poverty as if the virtues of those who are "free".

Government exists as a collective force. That is not Communism, which places the State above the individual. It is instead the right of the individual to join with his fellows in a common defense against a hostile and alien group bent on exploiting and destroying the individual. We need a strong Federal Government run by us to help us in our fight against the laissez faire Jewish Capitalist bankers. Capitalism should serve us, and where and when it fails to do so, we should exercise our freedom to organize through our government to set things right. We should not be averse to helping one another. It is our duty to help one another. It is only World Jewry which wants us to abandon our responsibilities to our society.

Know "Ayn Rand" and you will know Ron Paul and what a danger he poses to our freedom. Know the machinations of the Bolshevik "Trust" and you will know why the supposedly anti-Zionist and anti-Communist movements in America have always been farces headed by Jews and funded with Jewish money, and why they promote Ron Paul. Understand why no advancements are made in the fight against Zionism and why these front organizations are such an embarrassment to authentic anti-Zionists, why they did nothing during the Israeli attack on Lebanon, why they do nothing to rescue the Palestinians, why they have done nothing to impeach Bush and Cheney, etc. etc. etc. Know also why at critical moments they stage fights among their members and subvert momentum and misinform and mislead wherever possible.

They want to sucker us into a gold system and into giving over all of our wealth to World Jewry. They want to open us up to exploitation the way Russia was exploited under the laissez faire Capitalism of Yeltsin and the Jewish Oligarchs. They want to ruin education for the poor and middle class and make our youth into ignorant drug addicts. They want to pit Americans against Mexicans, whites against blacks, straights against gays, men against women, etc. and stand in the way of every organized effort we make to better ourselves as a nation and as individuals. They want us to fear making our government stronger in our fight against World Jewry, and they attempt to confound and confuse every effort to make our government truly ours.

They are the modern day descendants of the Bolshevik "Trust". Trust them not!

Source article "Ron Paul, 'Ayn Rand and 'The Tust'" is located here.

P.S. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are both gatekeepers of their respective mainstream zionist political parties. Both have most probably seen the evidence that 9-11 was an inside job; both distance themselves from talk about it. Both offer timid resistance to the zionist war agenda. Well damn, they have to. It's not in the interests of the American people, and the American people don't want it.


Anonymous said...

Excellent article Rick. Ron Paul is a sleeze. A freemason. He is definitely not part of the solution, but Americans won't get it until they're whacked in the face. Honestly anyone who has a platform upon which to voice their idealogy ~ in this time of such darkness and suffering ~ is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Slick and sleezy.

It is the ones who quietly endure who are the strength of this day. Patience and Love.

Thank you Rick, for your ongoing Patience and Love,


Anonymous said...

Rick, who would you indorse from those that are eligible in public office or an independent to represent your opinion? Also, what is your bottomline solution? I understand you opinion but how would you solve what you consider wrong?

HPrice said...

Thank you. An article spelling the truth out about Ron Paul. I've waited for (seemingly) eons for someone to write something like this. I've never understood why people faun over his vague platitudes and never understand that he's been around for millions of years and what has he accomplished??? Zip ... zilch ... nada.

Oh well ... maybe they'll get it eventually. Anyway, thanks for the great article ... and keep it up :-).

RickB said...
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RickB said...

I don't like Ron Paul's every-man-for-himself social policies. He's a corporate shill.

I will not vote for anyone that isn't opposed to zionism. I'd rather not vote than to legitimize a zionist filtered and approved candidate, who will represent jewish interests over the interests of the majority of Americans. If enough people would do this, then the zionist powers would realize they are not endorsed by the American public, and that they are being found out.

The solution to the problem is stated in the header of this blog: outlaw zionism, along with every zionist support structure, which includes propagating the holocaust myth. The holocaust story falls apart the same as the official version of 9-11 when looking into it honestly. It falls apart faster than the official 9-11 fairy tale.

Anonymous said...


I's still difficult to understand where you stand. Conservative, Liberal, Socialist? What form of government do you suggest?

How do you expect anyone to remotely have an opportunity to run for office if they publicly oppose zionism. Look what the media did to David Duke.

If you don't vote your opinion ends on this blog.
Yes, all your suggestion would be nice pertaining to informing the public but how do you suggest to accomplish it?

RickB said...
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RickB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RickB said...

Pardon my hiccups above.

I’m for a government that represents the people of its community; one that protects the weaker members from being exploited by the stronger members. Is that conservative, liberal or socialist? It definitely isn’t “conservative” the way that’s understood here in America.

I like the representative governing model of Hezbullah and Hamas. Those organizations appear to be representing the people of their communities, with…. heaven forbid, social programs. A fundamental element of these organizations is that they are founded upon moral principles, moral principles that must be heeded, ensured by the people being represented.

I witnessed how the Socialist party in Spain got the country caught up with the rest of Europe regarding its road infrastructure. It was on the verge of being a 3rd world country before that, after years of the US sponsored fascist dictatorship of Franco.

My personal modern day heroes, from living in Spain through the transition from Franco’s dictatorship to democracy, are Felipe Gonzalez and King Juan Carlos. Felipe Gonzalez represented the interests of the people, and Juan Carlos ordered the military coup (representing the good-old-boy, corporate “conservatives”) back into their barracks, thus saving Spain’s representative government. I would take Spain’s current socialist president over the previous “conservative” one (Aznar) any day. With 90 percent of Spain opposed to the war, Aznar was one of Dumbya’s bestest partners in crime. Spain’s current socialist president withdrew Spain’s troops from Iraq, representing the will of his people.

I witnessed how Gonzalez’s government became corrupt with power. But guess who was doing the corrupting. That’s right. It was those good-old-boy corporate “conservatives” buying them off, and in many instances not just for power but to embarrass Gonzalez’s government. Those “conservatives” were more interested in bringing down Gonzalez (and the evil “socialists”) than in the good of the people…kind of like the Republicans here when Clinton was in office, and now.

I think a party should be honest to its principals, like Hezbullah and Hamas appear to be. The people will gravitate toward the truth. If not, so be it… then there is not a God after all, and the people can't be saved from the wolves.