Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where Are The Patriot Icons When Their Party Is Being Hijacked?

The March 2nd Republican primary in Texas is now history. The showcase event was the gubernatorial contest, where Globalist par excellence and Israeli lobby asset, Rick Perry, otherwise known as Mr. NAFTA Superhighway, defeated fellow central banking icon Kay Bailey Hutchison. Populist, paleo insurgent Debra Medina received 18% of the ballots cast, cause for crowing among the remnant of the shrinking Paul-Buchanan wing of the GOP in the Lone Star State.

Two salient facts continue to underscore the ongoing ideological bankruptcy of the Republican Party in Texas, as well as nationally. First, Medina’s vote totals remind the perceptive that 82% of “conservatives“ in the Texas gubernatorial race placed their imprimatur on two candidates symbolizing the Neo-Conservative hijacking of the electoral process in the GOP. The Bush family, the Carlyle Group, and AIPAC are surely smiling in concert.

But more importantly, the 18% who voted for Debra Medina, are in many cases largely clueless as to who and what is really behind the demise of their country, and their Party.

This cluelessness apparently includes Mrs. Medina herself. Like 2008 Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, Mrs. Medina attempted to finesse the 911 Truth Movement question posed to her by Glenn Beck on Fox News, and to avoid an aggressive attack [by] the Israel First Neo-Conservatives who have hijacked the Republican Party.

This is clearly a mistake, especially in light of the deliberate kidnapping of the Tea Party movement by the same suspects who have now moved into fourth gear in their promotion of an American/Israeli preemptive military attack on Iran. Sarah Palin’s jingoistic keynote address at the recent Nashville conclave of deluded patriots underscores the gravity of the situation, both for an American conservative movement infiltrated by Tay-Sachs disease, and for the nation as a whole.

My friend, Victor Thorn, described the sickening scene in Nashville for the March 1st American Free Press. Before Palin’s Likudnik address, Thorn describes how the convention meal was blessed by Laurie Cardoza-Moore, president of the Christian-Zionist organization, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations. Moore proclaimed, “If we do not defend the United States, who will defend Israel? I would like to think that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is watching tonight. And I want Bibi Netanyahu to know that the Tea Party nation is going to stand strong for Israel.”

Someone like Debra Medina or Ron Paul needs to engage in an ideological frontal assault on this transparent, palpable garbage, with no punches pulled. Where are these people when the country and the world are now on the edge of the precipice?

Nashville clearly would have exploded. It should have. And the longer America First patriots delay the exposure of the Trojan Horse within the gates that should have transpired in Tennessee, the greater likelihood of the destruction of the Republic at the hands of the House of Rothschild, and the envelopment of the planet in the flames of a Third World War, courtesy of the Neo-Conservative dream of a “Clash of Civilizations.”

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P.S. Where are the patriot icons when their party is being hijacked? Hiding? Waiting for someone else to show them courage? On the part of Saint Ron Paul, it's putting up token, feigned resistance. He knows his role; he has an image to maintain.

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