Tuesday, January 6, 2009

UN: Israeli Strike Kills 30 Outside UN School

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - An Israeli bombardment hit outside a U.N. school where hundreds of Palestinians had sought refuge on Tuesday, killing at least 30 people — many of them children — as international outrage grew over civilian deaths.

It was the second fatal strike in the vicinity of a U.N. school in hours, and the deadliest assault since Israel sent ground forces into Gaza last weekend. The ground operation is part of a larger offensive against the ruling Hamas militant group that has killed nearly 600 Palestinians, including dozens of civilians, according to U.N. and Palestinian officials.

Ignoring international calls for a cease-fire, Israeli soldiers edged closer to Gaza's major population centers.

"There's nowhere safe in Gaza. Everyone here is terrorized and traumatized," John Ging, the top U.N. official in Gaza, said after the first strike on the compound of a U.N. school killed three people.

U.N. officials say they provided their location coordinates to Israel's army to ensure that their buildings in Gaza are not targeted.

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