Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gaza Exposes Anti-semitism Formula

The slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza by Jews —it is Jews slaughtering Palestinians— exposes the anti-semitism formula, i.e., the anti-semitism canard.

The formula goes this way: 1) Jews do something offensive, like slaughtering Palestinians wholesale like they’re doing now in Gaza. 2) Anyone that complains about it or reports it; anyone that notices and is annoyed; anyone that notices and is given the least bit of pause is anti-semitic.

There you go. Isn’t that an easy formula? It's so easy to be antisemitic. Now, where do you line up? Are you anti-semitic? If you’re not considered anti-semitic, I'd say your humanity might be in need of some restoring. But looking at it positively, if you’re inhumane enough not to be considered antisemitic, then you’ll have no problem whatsoever getting along in mainstream America. And you’ll not likely ever be considered a terrorist.

P.S. But on the other hand, if you aren't considered anti-semitic, you're most likely an accomplice to genocide.

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