Thursday, January 22, 2009

For G+d’s Sake Speak Nicely of Jews!

Today I saw some shocking news
A journalist has UPSET Jews!!!
And now our nation’s set alight
For what he said - it just ain’t right!

He wanted to do good you see
(He’d like the Holy Land hate-free)
But sadly, ‘Zionists’ got shitty
And so, for him, I penned this ditty…

We must ALWAYS speak well of The Jews!

Never, oh never, speak ill of The Jews!
If ever you do - you’re certain to lose!
It’s acceptable, though, to speak well of The Jews
(But don’t even jest that they rhythm with ‘loose screws’!)

You can say that the pious and diligent Prots
Have less sense of humour than dogmatic Trots.
You can mention, as well, that the Catholic folk
Use ritual chants inside clouds of blue smoke.

The orthodox Christians - both Greeks and Russians -
Are used to abuse and will cop it like Prussians,
While pagans and animists thrive on contempt
For their under-washed armpits and manners unkempt.

Why not shout that most Muslims have stinky bare feet?
Whether Sunni or Shiite. it’s normal to beat
Them over the head and complain if they bleat.
How dare they, those rag heads! Why aren’t they discrete?

You can say that a Parsi (or is it a Parsee?)
Is an odious word that reminds you of karsi.
If you feel like a laugh, why not insult some Shintus?
And it’s usually fine to be vulgar to Hindus!

There is nothing so droll as teasing a Buddhist
Who usually tries to react like a Trappist
While an Atheist thanks you for calling him ’sod’
(At least you were good enough not to say ‘God’)

Never mind the murdered Palestinian foetus: Beware 'hate speech' against Jews!

But never, oh never, say boo to A Jew!
For that is disgraceful! The worst thing to do!
Remember, Jews suffer a LOT more than you
So always speak well of the self-chosen few!

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