Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finkelstein Speaks on Gaza Massacre

Wow, Norman! Very strong words: Israel is a "satanic state"? Are you ready to now talk publicly about zionism, denounce it and admit that it just doesn't make sense? And that in "principal" it [Jewish supremacism, Jewish apartheid] can't ever add up to "fairness and decency"? Or are you still just hoping for a reasonable justice within the parameters of zionism? And what of your idol Chomsky? Is he still a zionist? Isn't it time for the both of you to condemn zionism, instead of just expressing outrage at its symptoms?

I have to hand it to you. At least you didn't bring up the genocide of native Americans for balance. But I have issues of who's the slave in the relationship between Israel and the US. And, Mr. Finkelstein, I think the fact that the whole world is afraid to speak up against Israel speaks a lot about that Jewish power and influence that brilliant guys like you and Chomsky for some strange reason are never able to see.

Oh, that's right. They're afraid of the US. And Jews exercise very little influence here,... "except when it comes to Israel." That one you admitted yourself. So who's the slave again?

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