Monday, June 21, 2010

J-Street Founder Elaborates on a Kinder, Gentler Zionism

J Street NYC - Jeffrey Goldberg & Jeremy Ben Ami from Isaac Luria on Vimeo.

On June 16th, J Street NYC and the New York Society for Ethical Culture hosted a vital conversation between Jeremy Ben Ami, J Street Founder and President and Jeffrey Goldberg, National Correspondent for the The Atlantic entitled, "Who Speaks for Me? Israel and America in the 21st Century."

P.S. Gentile world, be patient. The jews just have to kill enough Palestinians before heaven on earth can be realized. Oh, that and steal a bit more of your money. Of course, laws are being put in place for those of you who resist this evolving jewish heaven, mistakenly thinking it is tyranny and hell instead.

P.P.S. After they've killed enough Palestinians, the jews will allow the remaining Palestinians who appreciate the jewish heaven to have a democracy that is as just as representative of them and their interests as they allow gentiles to have elsewhere.

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