Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dismantle It And Peace Will Come

Dismantle it! Yes! Now we're talking!

Responding to Israel's slaughter of unarmed activists on the Freedom Flotilla attempting to relieve Palestinians in Gaza from Israel's under-the-radar, genocidal starvation program, Gilad Atzmon asserted [here]:

“Our leaders better start to think seriously how to dismantle this lethal nation before it turns all of us into an ash cloud.”

Jewish sycophants, Gilad Atzmon is jewish. Now you have your permission. Now you no longer have to fear being labeled an “anti-Semite.” Now you can ask for the dismantling of zionism, jewish apartheid, Israel. Now you can ask for justice.

Dismantle it! Forget about zionist peace rockstar Norman Finkelstein's schtick [here] of a two-state solution and Israel living up to its ideals. Norman pushes a two-state solution in the hopes of saving zionism, apartheid Israel. He pushes for “reasonable justice,” justice that the ideal of zionism can accommodate.

Dismantle it! So we don't have to have another 9/11 false flag event for it. And so the brilliant, zionist peace rockstar Noam Chomsky won't have make silly statements about 9/11 and the assassination of JFK [here], and so he won't have to adjust his scales of justice to accommodate zionism, as he does when he says he's a supporter of Israel [here].

Dismantle it! Sign the petition [here] to strip Israel of its UN membership: We, the citizens of the world, call upon you to shape the 21st century with a new ethic, already enshrined in the United Nations. We call upon you to end Zionist apartheid and racial injustice by stripping Israel of its UN membership.

Recall the mantra “build it and they will come” made so popular in the movie Field of Dreams. Now people should hear ringing in their ears: Dismantle it and peace will come.

Without justice there can be no peace. With zionism there can be no justice. Dismantle it and peace will come.

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