Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Colonialism Like Any Other Colonialism

Jews say the darnedest things. [Like Chomsky here.]

Today I got an email invite from the local American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) to attend a demonstration against the latest Israeli atrocity that registered on the world's radar screen, that of the assault on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. In that assault at least nine human activists were killed. The Israelis claim that the special forces that boarded the ship on which the activists were killed were armed with paint guns.

Didn't I tell you that jews say the darnedest things?

One of the activist that was killed, was 19-year-old Funkan Dogan. Dogan had four bullets in his head and one in his chest. Those paint guns must have been paintgun/assault rifles.

Jews say the darnedest things, and do the damnedest things.

Anyway, more on the theme of jews saying the darnedest things, one them to do with the title of this article and today's demonstration. Before going to the demonstration, I re-read my email and read that the demonstration was being hosted by AMP and the Middle East Committee of local official/kosher anti-war organization, Peace Action.

The last time I attended an anti-war demonstration with Peace Action involved was during Israel's free bombing of Lebanon in 2006 and I was severely scolded by the kosher organization's zionist uncle-tom leader at the time for bringing my large, freeway-blogging WW3 ZIONISM sign to the event. The next day he called me and complained that he was getting irate phone calls about my sign, and that damn it, the only news coverage of the event had my damned sign predominantly displayed in it. I thanked him for the news that my sign got attention and that it was a good thing for people to learn why we're involved in these wars. He didn't see my point and made threats about what he and his kosher organization would do if I showed up at any of their events with my sign again.

Well, seeing that kosher Peace Action was co-hosting today's demonstration, not wanting to cause conflict, and figuring that I'll do my own demonstrations with my sign, I just wore a Palestinian t-shirt and my WW3 ZIONISM stenciled cap.

While at the event I passed out some business cards advertising my blog site. In addition to my blog address my cards say as a matter of introduction to the topic: ZIONISM, It's Not Ice Cream.

When I pass out my cards I tell people that before 9-11 I didn't know anything about the plight of the Palestinians or zionism and hand them my card.

Now back to jews saying the darnedest things.

In walking through the crowd, I approached three well pampered looking young guys and after my usual introduction I gave each of them a card. One of the well pampered looking guys asked me what I thought zionism was. I told him many people have convoluted, confusing definitions but that it can be summed up concisely as: jewish supremacism, jewish exceptionalism, jewish apartheid. Before I could say anything else, he immediately responded: “it's colonialism like any other colonialism.”

Didn't I tell you that jews say the darnedest things? Only a jew, or the equivalent in the form of a naive jewish sychophant, could make such a claim.

I tried to explain to him that this colonialism was very different, beginning with the fact that because of it's special jewish cover it was untouchable. After one of his well pampered looking friends quickly dismissed me as an “anti-Semite,” I guessed that these well pampered looking guys were from the official/kosher Peace Action organization. [Their rich daddies must be letting them play peace activists for accolades & entertainment as long as they really do no harm.] That was confirmed when one of the well pampered looking guys was given the privilege of speaking over the megaphone at the event.

As usual, at this event I was marginalized by the official/kosher anti-war organization as too radical,... as an “anti-Semite." But I know the day is coming when jews, who dominate every area of our lives now, will battling to prove that they're not zionists and they'll be marginalized from the conversation about what to do about zionism.

P.S. The next time Israel spikes out of its regular low-intensity, under-the-radar genocide program and commits atrociities to the extent that they register in the world's consciousness, I'd like to see AMP do a demonstration without inviting the local kosher nostra for a change. I know, I know, that's still too much to expect. They still need the kosher nostra's blessing because afterall, they still run this town.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent article, Rick. The humanitarian aid ships to Gaza will not stop. If Israel wants to stop the ships, they need to lift the blockade. But then they will have to admit to being pathological lying murderers, and I tend to doubt they will steer anywhere clear from the insanity they have become.

Israel will soon self destruct.