Wednesday, February 10, 2010

China's Wage Rates for U.S. Workers

The U.S. economy cannot correct itself; much more than “encouragement” is needed. Workers demand intervention. The highly-touted 5.7 per cent growth in fourth quarter U.S. GDP was revealed as a fraud by Wall Street, which saw stock prices fall that day. Instead of expanding, and hiring, companies were only re-stocking empty inventories, causing a temporary surge in spending. Don’t forget that this 5.7 percent “surge” was accompanied by the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Why does Obama refuse to intervene? Why will he not create a real stimulus plan, i.e., a big, federally-run jobs program? There are two answers. First, Obama has promised the rich investors who fund America’s debt that they are the priority. These investors demand that America’s debt be managed — by trimming the budget. Instead of cutting back on war spending or bank bailouts, or taxing the rich and corporations, Obama is freezing social spending, while refusing to spend money to create jobs.

The second reason that Obama will not create millions of new, living-wage jobs is more ominous. To the President, low wages do not present a problem, but an opportunity. Although low wages destroy domestic demand for consumer goods, they create the potential for a new kind of demand internationally.

Since corporations can no longer sell their products to American workers, they are trying to switch gears, and sell more of their products abroad. This is the grand solution that Obama speaks of whenever he talks about “increasing exports,” which he mentions often now.

Exports can only be increased if U.S. workers make even lower wages, since U.S. products must compete on the world market with the slave wages of China and India. Implied in this plan is a major restructuring of the American working class. Living standards must drop further and faster.

This plan is unknown to most Americans, but it’s already begun.

Unemployment caused by the recession is being used as a blunt object to pressure workers to accept lower wages. Workers everywhere are not complaining about these conditions since they fear being fired, knowing that a thousand unemployed workers would do the job for half the wage (thus the importance of unions). Public workers are being fired or having their wages slashed due to the state budget crises.

The Democrats are watching this dynamic take place and doing nothing about it. They are merely overseeing phase one of Obama’s plan to increase corporate exports. They strain to make sad faces when talking about joblessness, but shrug their shoulders and blame the federal deficit


P.S. Rightards, here's the truth: this has been going on for a whole generation. I know. Ever since I entered the work force, yearly, wages and benefits have been declining, and work has been off shored.

Of course, you young rightards that happen to have jobs and are just entering the work force wouldn't know this... and you don't look at what's happening to your neighbors, nor do you care... right?


mark glenn said...

the other thing not mentioned are the benefits of such economic policies with regards to making war. with no real jobs, many of the young are forced to enlist, providing more gentile boots on the ground in places where the Jews need/want them. Meanwhile, back at home, economic problems and the tension associated with them creates an undercurrent of constant anxiety amongst the masses, and so when a suitable outlet is presented to them such as striking out at another country, they are less morally inhibited to do so.

rick said...

It's not likely that the corporate bosses, who are mostly jews or stupid jewish sycophants, are having their children join up. That's for others.

Anonymous said...

want to do something about this?

Support HR1207

Demand that Pelosi brings it up for a vote.
It has 318 co-sponsers.