Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alex Jones Crashes Austin Pro Gun Rally, Then Lies About It On His Show

From Grim Reaper at Wake Up From Your Slumber: Fat Alex never ceases to call his detractors 'co-intel pro,' rather than explain his obfuscation of the zionists' front and center role in 9/11, agents of rothschild, synagogue of satan; a tactic often used by the pervasive jewish presence in the so-called troof movement, whenever someone emphasizes terrorist-israel; as if they all attended the same zionist/terrorist debriefing.

P.S. The reason it's "as if they all attended the same zionist/terrorist debriefing" is because they're mostly jewish (and 99.99% of jews are zionists, even when they don't admit to it) and stupid gentile jewish sycophants that need to be Kosher approved. The camps aren't designed for these fools, unless they have special camps for just idiots.

The 9/11 truth movement suffers from the same malady of the anti-war movement (and the Democratic Party for that matter), i.e., it is coopted by jews and gentile jewish sycophants. Therefore it is defanged of having any real impact as the real cause of things is taken off the table and swept under the rug. You just can't bring attention to that gigantic elephant in the room -- jewish interests and control!!!

P.P.S. Listen to a very lively discussion of this incident here. Note how Alex's fans discuss what they see with their lying eyes about Alex but refuse to believe them.

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