Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Audio: Debra Medina Agrees 9-11 Truth Movement is Despicable

Well there ya go rightard patriots! Back to Ruse Paul.

We gotta just forget about 9-11 truth (and the war) and just dismantle social programs and privatize America, damnit!!! Don't you realize that's what true patriotism is all about? It's privatizing America!!!! Now, chant with me: We don't need no stinking health insurance!!!


Anonymous said...

My letter to Debra Medina-From Selena Alvarez, TX

Why have you betrayed so many people who wanted you in office? It seems clear that Jews have taken over your campaign. Did they tell you that you could never win if you support 9-11 Truth? Fancy suits, acting like they know everything. You did not have the fortitude to stand up to them and be a real person. You folded and caved to the Jew because they promised you victories and money. You do not list your staff on your website. The info about who runs your campaign is secret and not available. Why? Are you ashamed of being run by the Jew and its machine? You have become such a joke and a shameful lie. Your desire to be a politician is on your sleeve. You have no talent at it. You could have been an excellent administrator for TX but you wanted to play the big game. You are not up to it. The Jew has already flushed you out and wasted you. You're finished. You wasted my time and the time of a lot of Texans with your lie of a campaign. You are a failure and liar and a Jew run fool like all the rest. The Jew gave you money didn't it? I hope you enjoy it Mrs. Medina. Gasta lo bueno! Pero lo se enferma porque es sucio. Traitor, liar, fool-YOU Debra Medina-are a blueprint for the housewife who thinks she can hop into power on a magic carpet of truth-that spot is reserved for the real and true person who is true and correct. So goodbye and enjoy the shame. We all took down signs and removed our support-you will get no money and nothing but laughter and smirks from good decent people in TX.

rick said...

Excellent letter, Selena. Thanks for writing it. And thankis for posting a copy of it here. I am honored. Your letter states the obvious. Hopefully, Medina has the sense that some people can see right through her.