Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obama Declares May "Jewish American Heritage Month"

U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday declared May Jewish American Heritage Month, saying that the "United States would not be the country we know without the achievements of Jewish Americans."

Obama called on all Americans to "commemorate the proud heritage of Jewish Americans with appropriate ceremonies and activities."

"Unyielding in the face of hardship and tenacious in following their dreams, Jewish Americans have surmounted the challenges that every immigrant group faces, and have made unparalleled contributions," Obama said.

He added, "Jewish American leaders have been essential to all branches and levels of government."  [You betcha!!! And the media too!!!]

"Still more Jewish Americans have made selfless sacrifices in our Armed Forces," he said.

Obama said that Jewish American community has set an example for all Americans. "They have demonstrated that Americans can choose to maintain cultural traditions while honoring the principles and beliefs that bind them together as American," said Obama. "Jewish American history demonstrates how America's diversity enriches and strengthens us all."


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