Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fighting For Our Freedoms

This is why I advised both my daughters, both the ages of stupid decider's daughters, not to join the military... when it would be such an easy thing to do just out of high school, considering they'd have all of their material needs met... and they can be an easy heros here in the USA.

I advised them not to join not for fear they may die over there but that they'd become less human participating in the dehumanizing campaign that is the mission over there.

Fighting for our freedoms? There should be no sympathy any longer for anyone that allows themselves to be brainwashed with such hogwash. And anyone that's doing the jingoing is a traitor to our country and to humanity.

In other news from our war on terror come headlines "120 Die as US Bombs Village" and "US Drone Strike Kills At Least 24 in Kurram."

War is hell but the US has to do it... for Israel... to make the world safe for zionism.

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