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Elie Wiesel, America's High Priest

Despite the unpopularity of the Iraq War, the sixth anniversary of the unilateral initiation of that conflict by President Bush came and went without any reference in the Zionist media to the role played by Elie Wiesel, our Holocaust High Priest, in helping to launch that conflict. 

 "The Holocaust:" Our State Religion 

  The "Holocaust" is now the secular faith of America. It comes complete with publicly funded indoctrination classes about its problematical "lessons" in our nation's schools, a taxpayer-funded "Commission on the Holocaust" in every state, non-stop media and Hollywood reminders about events that are supposedly related to it, and a taxpayer- funded holocaust museum / propaganda center in Washington, along with similar satellite "museums" throughout the country. The religion of "the Holocaust" singles out Pope Pius XII as a willing accomplice of Hitler during "the Holocaust," even though such an assertion is demonstrably false. In other words, the state religion, instead of uniting people, cleverly uses Pius XII as a symbol to isolate one group in American society, Catholics, for derision. No other group must endure such an indignity. Nonetheless, tax monies taken from Catholics are used to finance state-approved holocaust brainwashing classes, and to pay for holocaust museum construction and maintenance. 

  Elie Wiesel: the "Pope" of Our Secular Faith 

  As mentioned above, Wiesel is the undisputed High Priest of our secular faith. In this capacity, he is also the principal voice of Holocaust Fundamentalism in America. Who are the Holocaust Fundamentalists? They are the political extremists who use Jewish suffering in previous generations to provide, among other things, cover for Israel's abominable crimes against the native population of Palestine, and to support America's reckless and self-destructive pro-Israel foreign policy. 

  Wiesel's Visit to the White House 

  In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, Wiesel, in his priestly capacity, made a lightning visit to the White House on February 27, 2003. The Holocaust Fundamentalists were pushing for a needless, immoral and illegal war. Cheney was on board, but Bush seemed to be wavering. 

  Our [zionist media] which should have reported on Wiesel's visit in detail, suppressed coverage. This was business as usual for the media, and this particular lie of omission resulted, as is often the case, in more dead Americans. 

  Fortunately, however, Bob Woodward did mention Wiesel's appearance at the White House in his 2004 book, Plan of Attack. Ironically, Woodward was writing at a point in time when the invasion was supposedly going well. Thus, his intent in mentioning Wiesel's dramatic performance at the White House was not to criticize the man, but rather to praise him while also offering an honest portrayal of the man's immense power. In doing so, Woodward made it clear that this "war of choice" was as much about Israel as it was about oil. 

  Woodward stressed that Bush had been wavering about his decision to unleash the dogs of war until he received Wiesel's blessing. Wiesel had told him that Iraq was a "terrorist state and that the moral imperative was for intervention." Israel's security was supposedly at stake. He asked: "In the name of morality, how can we not intervene?" (320) 

  Woodward concludes: "In the days after, Bush routinely repeated Wiesel's comments." He leaves it to us to fill in the winks and nods that must have gone with that statement, for what Bush was saying in effect was that by launching a proxy war for Israel he was averting another "Holocaust." Colin Powell, apparently referring to our High Priest's influence on Bush, later stated sardonically that the President had relied on "divine guidance" in deciding to go to war, as if the mendacious Wiesel were some kind of a holy man! 

  Cardinal Laghi, with a Letter from the Pope, Visits the White House 

  At about the same time as Wiesel was giving Bush his blessing for the invasion, Pope John Paul II sent Cardinal Pio Laghi, who had formerly been the Vatican representative in Washington, to the White House. His goal? Argue against this disastrous war plan. Since Laghi had enjoyed cordial relations with the Bush family over the years, he was a trusted friend. He brought with him a letter from the Pope, and both the contents of that letter and his own verbal exhortations argued that the coming war would be unjustified on both moral and legal grounds. 

  The difference between the Catholic position, as voiced by Laghi, and the one espoused by the Holocaust Fundamentalists, as voiced by Wiesel, could not have been more radically different. Bush, of course, aware of who has power in this country and who does not, ignored the advice of John Paul II and his emissary, preferring to listen to Wiesel and the Holocaust Fundamentalists. Since the latter's official blessing gave Bush the political cover he needed, tens of thousands of American men and women and countless Iraqis have been killed and maimed in a needless war. 

  Their blood is on Elie Wiesel's hands. 

  And the "mainstream" media still haven't noticed.

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