Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why Is Judaism Counted Among The World's Great Religions?

Have any of you ever wondered why Judaism is counted among the worlds great religions? Christianity has over 2 billion subscribers, Islam about 1.5 and we secular non religious types number over a billion. Even the Sikhs, Juche and Spiritist's out number the subscribers to Judaism estimated at only 14 million. So how can Judaism even be mentioned among great religions? And what is a Jew anyway? Someone who subscribes to Judaism or is it an ethnic identity? These folks whoever or whatever they are represent zero percent of the worlds population (rounded). Why are we wasting our time talking about this?

Lets take a look at Judaism's most important belief. Fundamental to Judaism is the belief that the people of Israel are God’s chosen people, who must serve as a light for other nations. First of all, what sort of omnipotent god would choose one ethnic group among we who have descended from monkeys over all others. Why would God in all of his or her perfection show this sort of bias. It seems to me a perfect god would be impartial. I submit to you there must have been an error on the part of the scribe taking God's dictation. Secondly how could anyone look at the modern Jewish State of Apartheid Israel and think it was a light upon anything.

But here God would seem to have an omnipotence problem. What happened to those whom God delivered his or her original message. Most are now subscribers to the faith of Islam calling themselves Palestinians. Surely God knew that those now calling themselves Jews in Apartheid Israel and elsewhere were more likely descended from Genghis Khan than Jesus(which may explain this overly aggressive behavior on the part of some). The Khasarians converted to Judaism almost a thousand years ago by order of their king long after God is purported to have delivered this message. Doesn't it seem logical that those calling themselves Jews today more likely descended from the Khazar's than the ancient Israelites. Especially when their ancestors came from Russia and Poland(most of them) which of course was much closer to the Kingdom of Khasaria. If so they are completely unrelated to the ancient Israelites that God thought were so special. Many of the original Zionist founders of modern Apartheid Israel were well aware of their true ancestry.

But even if these people are not the special people the God of the Old Testament spoke, one cannot deny that they are truly unique. Wherever they go and no matter how small their numbers they seem to rise to unprecedented levels of power, wealth and influence. Through acquisition and control of the media in many of their host countries, they have been successful in convincing most of you that if you notice these patterns, you yourself are anti-Semitic, notwithstanding the fact that they themselves were not actually Semites. Who else could pull something like this off.

But in our recent history where have many of these highly motivated practitioners of Judaism led us? In the old Soviet Union almost half of it's early leadership were Jewish. Many of these Bolsheviks were responsible for turning what could have been a noble experiment into one of the most murderous enterprises in modern history. Like Genrikh Yagoda, one of the most dastardly Homo-Sapiens of all time, a Jew. But don't expect to read about Yagoda in our history books. His Jewishness could never get past the gatekeepers.

Then there is Apartheid Israel where many of the former Jewish Bolsheviks had to skedaddle after even Joe Stalin got tired of their murderousness. Many a Rabbi have stated that these men stopped being Jews when they became murderous Bolsheviks. Apparently they became Jews again however when their murderous talents were required in Palestine. After sixty years of savagery against God's real chosen people(God, why have you forsaken them) the Jews are now in the majority. Apparently in States where Jews dominate if you are not a Jew, you are a second class of citizen without the full rights of citizenship in the Jewish State. If you happen to be in a Zionist occupied territory, you are without any basic human rights. Your land can be stolen or you can be murdered at will. And if anyone in any way criticises these circumstances they are of course anti-Semites.

But none of this hideous behavior would have been possible without the support of many subscribers to Judaism right here in America. How is this possible? For those paying attention it is not hard to figure out. In the Six Day War in 1967 (Israeli land theft-phase II), for example, when an American ship, the Liberty was intentionally attacked by Israel resulting in the deaths of many American Sailors, the dark hand of the Zionist Lobby sprang into action in order to cover up this murderous assault. Even just a few years ago when a Government commission made available the details of what really happened, not one media outlet was there to cover the story. And this of course is how it works. Many of these folks have become so entrenched in our Government, our major corporations, our educational institutions, our trades and professions and of course our media that they have the ability to shape our perceptions of reality for their own purposes and Zionist political objectives. They have amassed wealth and political power far out of proportion with their numbers. They can even convince us that they are the oppressed even when they are the oppressors. And of course they can convince us that Judaism is one of the worlds great religions, even when their major underlying belief is completely fraudulent.

Will we in the future continue to believe we live in the land of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other great patriots, or will be convinced that we live in the land of Theodore Herzl? I'm no longer sure. Only time will tell.

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P.S. Why is Judaism counted among the world's great religions? Good question. Since 9/11, since I've been looking at it, I don't see anything positive about it. Could the reason that it's counted among the world's great religions have anything to do with why things seem upside down, i.e., invading, destroying and occupying a country is considered liberating it... and truth is such a rare commodity?

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