Thursday, April 2, 2009

Martin Luther King: Silence Is Betrayal

Why are you silent, Americans? Is it because you're so ashamed that you can't speak? Or is it because you're being silenced by your Jewish media who betray you by ignoring your protests... over 8 million people pouring into the streets the world over before the war... including millions here in America.

People poured out into the streets by a burden of morality from God. Thus it was in effect God speaking; God saying don't do this. And the Jewish media covered the world's eyes so it could lie and say this is a popular war. The Jewish media and powers show they are anti-God --anti-Christ-- by their going against what everyone in their heart of hearts knows is right and turning things upside down: occupation is freedom; torture is OK, etc, etc.

Americans, turn out your betrayers, the liars lying to you.

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