Monday, April 20, 2009

This guy Max gets it

Subject (from myspace): For those of you who criticize me on my JEWISH stance, here

Listen guys, you can say whatever you want to make yourselves feel better, but the fact is MOST Jews are Jewish Supremacists, or at least sympathizers. ALL Jews only make up 2% of the entire U.S. population but wherever you look and find anything, any group, agenda that is SUBVERSIVE to the U.S. you will find Jews leading the way, that is just a fact. EVen Jews who do not take an active roll in this anti-American network, benefit from it and they know it, so they look the other way. There ARE exceptions but they are RARE and in numbers they are insignificant. We are late in the game, and in my opinion these people need to be exposed. If you disagree that's fine. Alex Jones disagrees with me on this and I'm his biggest fan. I guess we will see in the end how it all plays out. All I know is that the powers that be want YOU and ME dead! And its coming quick. I personally think we need to quit pussyfooting around about it, but that's just me and I will continue to do what I do. You do it your way. -max

p.s. People like Alex Jones find the whole "racist" anti-Semite, redneck, mean people, prejudice, ignoramouses to be a big turn-off and not a recipe for success in waking people up, right. I can see that argument. I could see it a LOT MORE if Jews made up 25% of the population or even 18%........OR even 12%. I could see the argument then. But, when you have a 2% minority that has a compelete stranglehold on the U.S. Media where the American citizen has gotten the information and opinions to make their own opinions, the complete BRAINWASHNG that has gone on for a hundred years!!!! in this country, you've got a MAJOR JEW PROBLEM. They run the State Department, the Pentagon, the Federal Reserve, the IMF, the World Bank, etc, etc, etc,, they run the White House, ALWAYS DO from behind the scenes. Obama's own Chief of Staff, his brain, is a radicalized Jewish Supremacist!!!! THAT IS A FACT. And HE tells Obama what to do.

Obama's OWN National Security Advisor takes his DAILY ORDERS from known Rothshild Crime Syndicate operative Dr. Henry Kissinger. He ADMITTED IT!!!!!! Kissinger is a Jew. George W. Bush met with Kissinger once a week, every week during his entire 8 years in the White House and said he was his most important and influential advisor!!!!

WHAT WE HAVE MEN, is a Jew problem.

I am not, nor would I ever condone any violence against Jews, certainly not the ones who are not directly involved in the criminal networks but I do condone Jews being EXPOSED, and NEUTRALIZED!!!! They have orchestrated and supported the downfall, the spiritual, moral, and economic DESTRUCTION OF THIS COUNTRY. THAT IS A FACT. I'M NOT WORRIED ABOUT HURTING THEIR FEELINGS. THEY WERE ALL INVOLVED IN THIS BY THEIR SILENCE IF NOTHING ELSE. -max

P.S. If you don't see that the jews control this country--and absolutely, you're blind... or you're just so well conditioned that you're afraid to see that truth and admit it, which is a genuine American phenomenon. Has anyone noticed that "anti-semitic" and truth seem to be going hand in hand more and more? Now why would that be? -- Yours truly, Rick.

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