Saturday, April 12, 2008

Zionism: Simple Definition/Simple Solution.

Zionism, Simple Definition: jewish apartheid.

To the definition of zionism one may add: jewish exceptionalism, meaning jews are not subject to the same rules as the rest of humanity because... they are jews.

Zionist: one who believes jews must have a jewish state, i.e., jewish apartheid.

Righteous gentile: gentile who supports zionist agenda.

Goy: derrogatory jewish term for a gentile that is not a righteous gentile; one who is part of the rest of humanity, i.e. the human cattle. Usually these are the gentiles that fail to see that zionism (jewish apartheid) is just/fair... or to kowtow to jews. Goyim is the plural of goy.

Oy vey!! Jewish apartheid isn’t negative/unjust apartheid. It's jews living apart from the rest of humanity, i.e. apart from the human cattle.

Zionism, Simple Solution:

1) Out zionism.

2) Out zionists.

3) Outlaw zionism.

Why can't we, the rest of humanity --the great majority-- outlaw something that doesn't add up and is the cause of so much trouble and suffering? Is it because we are just human cattle?

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