Friday, April 11, 2008

Unvarnished truth from Captain Joe Cortina

Listen to the unvarnished truth about what our troops are doing in Iraq from an angry Captain Joe Cortina and other equally justifiably angry callers. Caution, if you're still under the illusion that we're a noble city on a hill, the discource will be hard to digest. However, if you're believing your lying eyes and common sense, the clarity of following unvarnished truth will be welcome to your ears:

http://216. 240. 133. 177/archives32/Piper/2008/04/Piper_041008_200000. mp3

Captain Cortina's open letter to sychophant traitor Petraeous:

http://mynameisjoecortina. wordpress. com:80/2008/04/09/open-letter-to-war-criminal-general-david-‘betrayus’/

P.S. Americans, please wake up to the truth. Or, quit denying the truth and have the courage to face it, for the world's sake.

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