Friday, April 4, 2008

LOL: AIPAC did not return our calls.

Szembrot, a College of Arts and Sciences junior, organized an anti-Iran war protest outside the American Israel Public Affairs Committee office in Boston yesterday in hopes of developing a "series of escalating actions," she said.

Four other protesters held signs reading "Love the World Without Shame," "Love Iran" and "Stop the (Next) War" while distributing fliers describing their actions. AIPAC is a pro-Israel lobby group that has been supporting sanctions against Iran, Szembrot said.

"They were encouraging the U.S. to impose sanctions on Iran despite the fact that there haven't been any illicit activities documented since 2003," Szembrot said. "They're still trying to spread this idea that Iran is a danger and it's not true. They're trying to stir up fear."

David Mynott Jr., a protester from Cambridge, said the protest was necessary to "set the record straight."

"AIPAC is a very effective propaganda machine for both the Israeli and U.S. governments," he said. "They've been lying to the American people for years."

AIPAC representatives were not available for comment despite repeated phone calls and messages left yesterday.

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P.S. Official reaction from Milwaukee's official anti-war organization: Milwaukee Peace Action anti-war protestors, don't get funny ideas about protesting America's war lords here. We have a reputation to maintain.

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