Friday, December 9, 2011

Ron Paul: The US Should Not Takeover Israel


Perry L said...

What a JOKER Ron Paul is...Really? "Israel is a puppet of the US"? IF Ron Paul ever tells the TRUTH, which is that the USA is a puppet of Israel and has been since 1948, I might actually reverse my position on this weasel from Texas.

Ron Paul is as useless as tits on a bull in this "debate".

Anonymous said...

Good comment, Perry L. If Paul ever spoke the truth, he wouldn't be allowed to be in Congress so that you could vote for him.

The jews, not just "zionists", but jews, have this countries "US government" sewn shut.

Helen Thomas: "That's right, it's true—and in the US. It's unbelievable the kind of pressure that's put on our administration when you have practically every member of Congress genuflecting when Netenyahu stands up there—I don't know how many times they bowed and scraped before him."


Anonymous said...

hey there people, do you american fools still believe in politics? what asses. are you farts waiting for a saviour? they knoww that, so every year one good cop one bad cop, till eternity. dumb americans still BELIEVE they will find one good person to rule, looking for change. the dumbest thing and also the smartest thing a president said was ask not what your cuntry can do for you, but what you can do for your cuntry. now if anyone says that was a great statement, just see a beggar ask you the same. you fools are washed up. the quicker america falls the better. if a candiddate comes up for nomination they put him there.

Anonymous said...

I'm an American, Anon 10:03. I agree with the gist of what you have to say - if you didn't have such a slimeball way of saying it.

Can't you do a little better and speak somewhat intelligently in order to get your point across, without intentionally alienating those who are even agreeable to your conclusions - or is diplomacy not taught in Israel?


Anonymous said...

@ flanders

my bad, but after seeing all the rubbish on the net i.e. who to trust who not to trust, i feel sick. i mean go to, he is against the jew, but suddenly he is all for ron paul, wth? the problem with americans is that they have short attention spans, climb on one wagon, then its easily ditracted to climb on another. re my slimeball way, i dont think anyone connected with jews would give you goys a headsup, do you? its like a druggie/or gambler/or someone with a vice who says i will give up slowly, aint never going to happen. 300 million people in usa, how many died for their convictions. look at palestine, couple million, willing to die for their convictions. wake up.

rick said...

@ flanders, plenty of Americans died for their convictions in Iraq. They were told who the enemy was by our zio-leaders.

Palestinians, most, know who's killing them. They have the advantage of knowing who their real enemy is. Despite that, still, there are still plenty of Palestinians willing to give jews, judaism, the benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I lost track of the post. Thanks for answering Anon 8:52. I did misinterpret your intent. I do know what you mean, however. It gets frustrating. Some people are learning to investigate on their own, but too many just follow the disinfo they have been taught and the lies of the jew media. The ones who consider themselves intelligent and informed are often the worst because they refuse to investigate seriously.

I'm with you about Incog Man, who should know the situation. I once posted heavily there, and his posts are very good, but I don't like some of the ways he has, especially in the comments section, and don't trust the site fully.

You and Rick may want to check out these sites, if you aren't already aware about them.


Anonymous said...

Rick and Anon 8:52, You will be interested in reading NTS's article, which explains why Americans often don't "get it" about the jews and Israel.