Thursday, July 21, 2011

What is the bigger lie, 9-11 or the Holocaust?

Recently the Ugly Truth warrior was questioned for not questioning the Holocaust myths that were spewed from a Holocaust myth believer on his show. The Ugly Truth warrior's defense went thus:

My entire business revolves around “tough questions” and topics and anyone who can’t see that needs either to get their heads looked at or their ears cleaned.

The “wonder why” question is very simple, Inspector Cleauseu–The fact that I don’t make a religion out of debating the Holocaust with my guests is rooted in the fact that there are more relevant and important topics to cover in trying to sway the jury in our favor and unfortunately the holocaust and Hitler are not presently on that list. Where is the HUGE tidal wave of interest in Hitler and the holocaust from the revisionist point of view? Sorry Charlie, It ain’t there. Like the Jews themselves, Hitler/holocaust revisionists are stuck in the past, but unlike the Jews (who are successful in capitalizing on the past in making territorial gains in the present) the revisionists fail to apply these things to the present and make any discernable headway.

However, at the same time, the world is–at an exponential rate–day by day coming to understand the criminal nature of Israel and Jewish power and it is in THIS AREA, not in making a hero out of Hitler or a chump out of the holocaust, that Israel and Jewish power will be brought to heel.

Seems to be a ‘no-brainer’, and yet, you (and a VERY small minority of others) don’t seem to get it.

I don't listen to the Ugly Truth warrior any more because I'm no longer his buddy, i.e. no longer an adoring fan. Give a listen to the show in question and read his defense here. Then tell me, is the questioner justified?

I'm not with the Ugly Truth warrior on this one. I guess I'm one of very few that thinks that the “Holocaust” lie should be exposed for what it is right along with the 9-11 lie. I think it should be pointed out that both lies are brought to us by and for the same... “people.” I think that the two should be constantly linked together and compared. Who's controlling the truth about both official myths? Who's benefitting from both myths?

I think it should be pointed out again and again and again, that both myths rapidly collapse with just mild scrutiny of the facts. They both collapse as rapidly as the WTC buildings collapsed.... at free fall speed... into a cloud of dust, into a cloud of nothing.


veritas6464 said...

Hey WW3Z,...Yep that fool over at UT is a shill. He had this fat yid bitch on pretending to be a 'viva palestina' activist several months ago, when I called him out on her zio-credentials he went straight for the ad hominem jugular; he's a wanker. 911 and the holohaox are separate tactics of the same agenda - global yiddish hegemony!

All the shit that the yids are guilty of should be exposed equally and simultaneously; hence the need for more aware bloggers.


rick said...

Veritas, thanks for the comments.

Me thinks the Ugly Truth warrior has good intentions but he foolishly lets his pride get in the way of truth (so much for the truth), and because his pride is more important than truth, rather than admitting mistakes, he winds getting egg all over his face taking stupid positions.

I agree. All the lies the yids are responsible for should be all tied together. 9-11, holohoax, JFK's assassination, USS Liberty attack, etc., etc.

Someone famous once said their father is the father of lies.

rick said...

Veritas, I'd say he's a dope.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Rick,...I have been at this 'truther' thing for along time; there is no time left for niceties with shills or fifth columnists; I have just taken a look at his site and it appears to have been renovated substantially - a lot of anti-israhell stuff there now where there was not several months ago, perhaps he has had to add the window dressing in order to appease his masters for his lack of influence on the bloggersphere?

A lot of people had a lot of time for him a while ago, I think he has ostracized himself somewhat.
Who knows, however, he's as dangerous to the yiddish khazars as the huffington post is - nada!


Northerntruthseeker said...

Mark Glenn has his faults and sometimes they do come shining through...I too have sometimes wondered about his true intentions...

Yes, both issues must be tackled equally to expose the criminal Jews.... True history has to be told, and the lies of history must be exposed to prevent the lies from forever taking the place of the truth..

This saying is absolutely true: "If we do not learn from history, then we are doomed to repeat it!"... This is especially true with their alleged Holocaust.

rick said...

Thanks again for your additional comments, Veritas. It gives me the chance to add “ambition” to my previous comment. Ambition and pride seem often to trump truth for the Ugly Truth warrior. They make him a dope, and having to scramble to regain lost credibility. The dope has gotten a big head about himself and fails to heed wisdom beyond his own. The dope thinks that the bit of wisdom that has broken his zionist matrix spell to the degree that it has been broken is his own clever thinking.

Zionist devils aren't afraid of dopes. They play them.

rick said...

Thanks for comments, NT. Yes... they come shining right through.

The Holocaust lie is a pillar lie for the lying bastards. You can knock down all the other lies, e.g., 9-11, the JFK assassination, the Liberty attack, and if the Holocaust lie is left standing, it excuses all of the others.

The poor things, they've been traumatized. It's no wonder that they're paranoid.