Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway: "We will not be Naive" - A Watershed Moment

The brutal slaughter in Norway represents a watershed moment in history.

A point at which the global media asks us to turn our attentions in a particular direction.

They want us to believe that one man singlehandedly devised and executed this hellish massacre of more than 85 defenseless teenagers – most of whom were ethnically Norwegian -- the same class he has allegedly vowed to protect from ethnic dilution -- for the sole purpose of punishing the Labor Party responsible for allowing Muslims into Norway. It is difficult to imagine a more absurd and illogical motive.

To add insult to injury, they want us to believe that he used 6 tons of fertilizer to build a car bomb that tore through the center of Oslo destroying buildings across a 5 block radius, singlehandedly authored (and edited) a fifteen hundred page manifesto detailing his nefarious plan, and designed and produced a movie trailer to accompany it.

Not a particularly convincing narrative to say the least.

But it's not just what the media says that's so incredible. It's what they don't say.

They don't question how he was able to secure what looks like an official police uniform. Nor do they point out that his alleged manual includes parts of which, by some accounts, are lifted verbatim from the infamous Unabomber’s Manifesto. But most importantly, they never include among the list of potential culprits with compelling motives to attack Norway, the chief suspect among them.

This leads us to confirm that which we already know - the mainstream media cannot be trusted.

We must find the truth on our own. Which in turn leads us to a far more logical and likely possibility than the pc manure they advance - the very real likelihood that this man was aided and directed by the only ideologues on earth that have ample motive to hit Norwegians where it hurts the most, hopefully taking them out of the game, and with the same stroke, set in motion a mortal worldwide clash between the last two forces that oppose it.

Divide and Conquer.

“White Pride vs. Muslim Honor.”

"State vs. Extremists of all stripes"

Not satisfied with the pace of self-destruction on earth - Zionists have decided to speed it up by staging a hellish massacre of macabre proportions against one of the last independent nations on earth, literally crushing it from within, then furnishing its remaining enemies - White Nationalists and Muslims - with a step-by-step manual that pits them against each other.

How convenient.

A recipe for world war and implosion of the multicultural state.

Kill two birds with one stone.

But only fools would follow their script.

We have entered the final stages of this planned global nightmare, from which Zionists intend to emerge victorious as the last and only nation on earth left united (and intact) under one cause – the Zionist Cause.

Sound crazy? Perhaps.

Indeed, it seems impossible to believe that one tiny group of nutjobs would foment so much chaos, death and destruction just to advance an idea. Nonsense.

No one could be so crazy and so diabolical.


But remember that before last Friday no one could imagine that someone could be so cold-blooded as to FIRST plan to kill as many unarmed and defenseless children as possible by hunting them down and shooting them in cold blood en masse and THEN proceed to deliberately and methodically execute that evil plan without hesitation and without remorse.

It was inconceivable. But it happened.

So, it’s time to free your mind from the chains that enslave it.

As Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg so aptly concluded we MUST not be NAÏVE because the chaos and destruction you see around you in the world today is not entirely by unhappy coincidence. Much of it is by design. And the sooner everyone else on earth understands this one salient fact, the more likely we are to survive the coming chaos.

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P.S. Zionism is this evil. It is capable of engendering this and more. Doesn't it make you wonder why more jews aren't denouncing the tribalism of zionism/judaism, the incessant drumming up of paranoia? You'd think that there would be more that have the where with all to abandon such sickness.

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