Monday, May 23, 2011

Mt Athos Prophecies on '666'

Brother Nathanael, don't you know that it's "anti-Semitic" to be cognizant of jewish control of events?

For Americans it is more important not to be considered "anti-Semitic" than the issue of right or wrong, or their standing before God.

Their fear of jews is greater than their fear of God. And their jewish masters know it.


Perry L said...

Yes, 6 6 6, IS a symbol and Yes it does in a way represent "Jewish Power" but the REAL meaning of the Hexagram (aka "Jewish" Star) is that it represents their partnership with Satan and his species known as Jinn (or "demons" to Christians).

The two pyramids forming the Hexagram represent the two 3 dimensional "realities" occupied by the Satanic partners of "Jews" and Jinn in a perfect union "forever".

Of course the Hexagram union is not complete (yet) or you would see Jinn everywhere (they are there NOW...just separated into their 3D reality for now).

Scary Huh? Except when you realize that the "big boss" opposing God was ordered to bow to Adam (and YOU) up front and that Satan (and "the Jews") do NOT have ANY power over you unless you give it to them.

rick said...

Thanks Perry.

Wow... who'd a thunk it?

Jews in partnership with Satan?