Friday, May 13, 2011

Give Them Democracy, Just Like the United States

Hey, I wonder if these guys have teamed up with Norman Finkelstein. They're pushing the same thing... reasonable democracy, reasonable justice... the kind that zionism can accommodate... not perfect democracy, not complete justice... reasonable democracy, reasonable justice.

P.S. A note to the goy that just threw down the gauntlet to our jewish masters, who's at the same time crowing and so proud and happy to throw cold water on protesters in the Middle East for being dupes in a zionist plot, proudly bombasting that it's misplaced idealism to get excited that zionism is unraveling and one can throw off their jewish yolk through silly protesting, relax, stay away, be sober, be realistic... [see previous blog]...

Brave goy, the truth will come out in the wash. Finkelstein and these guys will get left behind in the wash. Maybe then, you can throw down the gauntlet to them and try to bargain with them. You can be in charge of rehabilitating them. Good luck with that, brave goy.

Oh, and brave goy, you might be surprised that some of your most trusted associates from the jewish tribe may also come out in the wash. If they have family and friends living in Israel, like Gordon Duff, brave goy, that should be a red flag for you. So if some of your friends come out in the wash and you want to rehabilitate them, be careful that they're not just fooling you. Besides great dealers, brave goy, these people are very tricky.

P.P.S. Brave goy, I suggest you calm down your I-told-you-so crowing about any protesting against the zionist yolk in the Middle East being futile and just being duped into playing into a zionist plot. It's not very becoming, i.e., not in good taste. And it doesn't contribute very well to your own idealistic efforts [throwing down that gauntlet to our jewish masters, for example] opposing the apparent evil of our day. I'm just saying, just trying to give you some friendly advice.

Brave goy, zionism will collapse of its own weight. It is collapsing. In fact, I'm an older guy as you know, and I may even live to see that day and be able to crow to you that I told you so.

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