Monday, July 20, 2009

The Zionist Nazi Transfer Agreement

Can you imagine this report being televised in our Jewish MSM today?

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Thinking....... said...

The Zionists haven't improved much over the years.
Thought you might be interested int his information.

Israel assassinates people even using "car bombs" or even put a bomb under your bed and get you while our sleeping. They do these things in other countries. That is “terrorism”.
They have been caught a few times but they haven’t been caught for them all.
They even tried to bomb a mosque in the US. A few were caught in Mexico with bomb making equipment and they had Yes passports from a different country.
They Steal or forge Passports from other countries so if their agents get caught, another country gets blamed for the attack. They have even stolen passports from embassies.
So someone gets picked up and they say he was in such and such a country. Well maybe not. Maybe some else with a forged passport was in that other country.

The sucked the US into Bombing Libya using a Trojan transmitter device.
They attacked the USS Liberty to get the US to attack Egypt.
They start wars. Now there’s an act of “terrorism” if ever there was one. One has to wonder how many other times they pulled that one.

Since Sept. 11, more than 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained, either under the new patriot anti-terrorism law, or for immigration violations.

The have committed Piracy on the high seas numerous times.
They have Bombed UN buildings.
They broke the Ceasefire with Gaza.
The are war criminals
They have committed crimes against Humanity and still do.
They breach UN Resolutions.

They have tortured people, children included. They lay false charges against them as well. They violate their human rights. There are two very good reports to take a look at.

There is also more information in the "Did You Know" archives.

Also thought you might be interested in this.

Here is the Death Certificate information of those who died in Auschwitz.

Data from the Auschwitz
Death Certificates.
35,228 (37,148) have their religion recorded as Christian (30,852 Catholic, 2,145 Protestant, 1,858 Greek Orthodox, 280 Czech-Moravian, 93 Eastern Orthodox). 28,511 (30,065) have their religion recorded as Judaism(Jewish)
The Typhus epidemics played a great role in the death of many in those camps..