Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alex Jones' Wife's Name Is Kelly... not Violet.

Former Forum Moderator of The forum of Alex Jones Breaks His silence and Speaks Out!

Hello Fellow InfoWarriors, I am AmeriDeath-Chris Arnold former moderator of the Forum at as many of you know me and I am also the Owner of , A site that IS destined to become The Youtube of the truth /Patriot Movement.

But sadly There were some issues which caused us to have to change and delete some things.

And By Who was this injustice thrust upon us You Ask ! Sadly The Leader Of The movement and HIS WIFE! yes Alex Jones Wife Kelly Jones (NOT VIOLET as you have been told) has Filed Legal Action against us (DOCUMENTS [at link] BELOW).

Even After Alex Himself Saw The website site and Talked about it ON AIR on his radio show and said The site Looked Great and that he Liked it very much and was considering linking to us if we could handle the traffic just last week HE APPROVED OF IT ON AIR TO EVERYONE!!..This is Not a rumor it was heard by hundreds of THOUSANDS of his daily listeners that will testify to that fact!

Sadly This has turned out not to be the case....which is really sad as Alex was someone That I really looked up to and considered and "Idol" if you will for lack of a better term as I honestly believed what he said in every aspect of the truth movement and the infowar that we are fighting.

But In my opinion, as you will see from The documents below...It seems to me that Alex is no better than the jackbooted thugs that he talks about and that the whole operation he has consists of one thing MONEY!! Plain and simple GREED on Mr and Mrs Jones, They say that we were trying to pass ourselves off as them...

LIE: everyone knows on The forum and everywhere that we have always maintained that we were a SEPARATE ENTITY with no connection to Mr Jones and were completely ran and operated by Myself .Chris Arnold and that fact was listed in a disclaimer on the bottom of every page on the website and in the ABOUT US SECTION. and everyone knew this so That's a BOLD FACED LIE to say that we tried to pass ourselves off as them.

LIE: Alex has always said on air PLEASE POST MY VIDEOS AND DOCUMENTARIES EVERYWHERE, make copies, give them away spread my message ..and that's what we were doing , Of course we had advertising space available on the site to try to help supplement the cost of the site and pay for the server bill (JUST AS YOUR VIDEOS ARE ALL OVER YOU TUBE AND THEY SELL ADVERTISING..WHATS THE DIFFERENCE??? YOU DONT GET ANY CUT FROM YOUTUBES ADVERTISING DO YA??), we have never even broken even and remain dipping into our savings to run the website, But thats not good enough...It seems that Mr. and Mrs Jones Would begrudge us selling ad space in order to pay for the website because they were not getting a CUT of the money?? (which there was NONE) and that it would cut into THEIR PROFITS ..and this just 2 weeks after he raised over $375,000 dollars in one day from YOU THE PATRIOTS in a money bomb-Which by the way the IRS knows about IM SURE, But they would begrudge us a few CRUMBS to pay for our hosting for a site that I sank my entire life savings into and actually bankrupt us now, while they raise hundreds of thousands of dollars FROM YOU..THE TRUE PATRIOTS! Seems GREEDY to me , especially when every link we had on the site LINKED BACK TO ALEX's WEBSITE, his store , his t-shirts sales, his DVD sales ..we were in effect ADVERTISING FOR HIM FOR FREE!!!!, again .not good enough. They want it ALL! You will see below that they are claiming copyright on the VIDEOS THEMSELVES that they have told EVERYONE TO POST AND GIVE AWAY.....VERY TWO FACED in my opinion of course

So That said its a sad day when Alex and his wife In my Opinion have shown Their TRUE COLORS , Its not about The Truth for him and his wife..He has found himself a NICHE MARKET and a NICHE PATRIOT COMMUNITY and it funds him well and he nor his wife want to see a single dime of that go anywhere else ..even after stating that he wants you to post his videos , he wants you to give his stuff away for free, Not True If it cuts or is PERCEIVED to cut into his money.

...Its pure and simple greed Alex Your colors have shown brightly to myself and the entire patriot movement, In my opinion you are no better than the Television evangelist thats obviously a fake screaming SEND ME YOUR MONEY!!!!! AHHAHAHAHAH

and I feel that you have irrevocably damaged yourself and your reputation with me and all the other true patriots, I am sure though that you will go on air and try to put some Alex SPIN on this to make you come out a hero, a victim , poor poor Alex...But Partner This Time you made a mistake ..You took on someone that truly IS A PATRIOT and has just as many ties in the patriot community as you do ..and the people KNOW THE TRUTH , so spin it as you may will not come out in a favorable light in this instance in anyone's eyes, except well maybe your own.

Its horrible to see someone you looked up to and place on a pedestal and admired so deeply show their true colors and the fact that in my opinion the only thing that they are really in This movement for is Popularity and GREED ,MONEY >>YOUR MONEY!!!! Its devastating to say the least.

We do however want you to know that we will NOT LET THIS STAND..we will fight you tooth and nail on this Mr.Jones has said THOUSANDS of times Post our videos everywhere , copy them , give them away YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION!! and now he has turned his second face to the world by doing this!

If You wish to Contribute to our legal defense fund against Alex Jones and HIS TYRANNY then please email us at ..If you can contribute fine and we appreciate it ..But unlike Mr. and Mrs. Jones...If you cant that's fine also and we appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

The Joneses In our Opinion have turned out to be nothing more than what he so vehemently preaches about .A TYRANNICAL DICTATOR OF THE INFOWAR COMMUNITY...its ok to give his stuff away, and donate to moneybombs with no accountability...Until it cuts into his Profits. or PERCEIVABLY cuts into his profits .and then its not cool any longer ... Its a sad sad day when Alex and Kelly Jones Turn out To be EXACTLY what they preach against, In our opinion of course.

I will, I am sure No longer be able to post at the forum once this letter is posted so if someone has a forum that needs a truly good moderator and true patriot, Please contact me at the above email address also that is outlined for our legal defense fund.

Do yourself a favor ..QUESTION EVERYTHING NOW that comes from Infowars, and Alex and Kelly Jones, Its just In our opinion ..everything Might/Probably- not be what it seems at face value! I in my opinion Believe The Joneses To Be BOLD FACED LIARS!..That should be AUDITED to the maximum because some accountability of the money. That the patriot community sends them should be in place!

All of the above is my personal opinion which is protected under the 1st amendment and its not in any was defamatory , libelous or slanderous...Just My Opinion which I can freely state anywhere!

Chris Arnold-AmeriDeath

PS: On a side Note...To The Other Moderators at the Prisonplanet forum...Sane , JT, And Biggs...I have Madd Respect for you guys!..and I wholeheartedly Like each of you...But just watch your ass...Its all Out in The light now...The guy you are moderating for in my opinion is EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST!!!! Take care brothers and Ill catch ya on The Other side! Oh and be sure like I said Im sure Alex will try to spin this where he's a victim, and poor little Alex was losing money and we were using his stuff illegally, or that I was an operative sent in to cause co Intel or just some RIDICULOUS claim to make himself The VICTIM as he always does and...YOU KNOW THAT'S A LIE...YOU KNOW ME AND MY CHARACTER AND YOU KNOW IM NOT AT ANY FAULT!!!!...remember YOU TOOK THE RED PILL!! don't be fooled!

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Read the rest of the intrigue here.

P.S. Greed, self-serving and corruption will do the zionists in. Their ideology is unsustainable.


Anonymous said...

Your a fucking loser dude! Go suck your mothers cock!

Anonymous said...

we contributed and he ran off with the money...

Anonymous said...

This Alex Jones is a Law Suit nut case! Watch the Alex Jones Deception and find out about how he sues people and take everything they own! Alex Jones is a bold face liar! I am on social security and don't lot of money but I hope that you can rise enough money to send this liar back into the hole he came from! Bill Cooper also said that Alex Jones is a Liar! You can google his name for this video!

shawn said...

Hey excellent information. I find the supports are Alex Jones are very angry hatful people.

They are really a strange group.

Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura are phonies and illuminati zionist moles. is owned my Time-Warner

Anonymous said...

Alex is a Zionist lover - Kesef, Kesef, Kesef - throw him a buck, he will come round.

Z.O.G. said...

Alex Jones Exposed

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You want to see his staff acting like a bunch of JACK BOOT THUGS and TYRANTS, go to his social site, Planet Infowars! I had my computer hacked, told I was not a real person, called a troll, paid disinfo agent provocateur, member of Cointelpro gang called "The Bury Brigade" that migrated from some other chat site(s), deleted multiple times, had my news items I posted disappear right before my eyes, FINALLY realized those with admin/mod powers are the ones inciting flamewars then deleting people for DEFENDING themselves, finally read every word of the TERMS OF SERVICE and find it makes his "pledge" to not "spy on you, or surveille you, or sell your information to the New World Order" a total and complete lie!!! They act like the jack boot thugs Alex condemns, it's far worse than facebook or anything I have seen!

Just saying....he was my hero too, not anymore.

rick said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment, graphics4fun.

Alex Jones never was a hero of mine. I always considered him a blowhard who avoided the truth of the jewish factor behind things.